The UiPath Marketplace Guide

Submit a Listing

Step 1: Start the Content Upload Process

  1. Access the Marketplace.
  2. Click Create Listing.
    The Create listing option is available in the drop-down list of the Profile Icon.

Step 2: Fill in the Listing Upload Form

Card Information


This is one of the most important listing elements. It influences your reach on the Marketplace search results and also it represents the initial filter for the users when deciding if the listing has the potential to fit their needs. Please check the below best practices to guide you when picking one:



:white-check-mark: The title should have the following structure {Capability} for {Software/System}
E.g. Facial Recognition Model for Microsoft Azure

:white-check-mark: When thinking of describing the listing use specific attributes that can help identify the exact purpose of it.
E.g. converter, analyzer, validator, generator, manager

:white-check-mark: If the listing is published on behalf of a company, add the company name before the title.
E.g. Skymind - SKIL Activities AI

:white-check-mark: If your listing is intended for a specific region include the region abbreviation.
E.g. ESP for Spain, JPN for Japan, CA for California, NY for New York, etc.

:x: The title should not start with the name of the software/system where the listing can be used.
E.g. SAP Activity

:x: Don’t use abbreviations, generic, cryptic, or made-up words to describe your listing.
E.g. Simple Data Extraction, Reliable Friend - Robot Pack

:x: Don’t capitalize on all the title’s letters.

:x: It is not recommended to use special characters such as: / \ : * ? “ < > [ ] & $. These are not recognized during the search.
E.g. Get_Valid_Files, Am I Online?



Text standards: 100 characters max.




:white-check-mark: The summary should have the following structure {Action}{system interaction/what it interacts with}{purpose description}
E.g. Validate XMLs against pre-defined schemas., Build attended processes quicker.

:white-check-mark: In one concise sentence, clarify what the listing purpose is.
E.g. Image analysis powered by Microsoft's Computer Vision service

:white-check-mark: Be specific about the listing utility or benefits.

:white-check-mark: Include the listing type only if needed.
E.g. Custom Activity allowing to save email files as a PDF.

:x: Don’t include the summary in the listing description area.

:x: The summary should not be expressed as a rhetorical question.

:x: You should not overuse generic descriptive adjectives or superlatives.
E.g. Very easy, fun, perfect.

:x: Don’t include details about how the listing was created.

:x: Don’t mention any usage steps.



Text standards: 200 characters max.


Choose the type of listing you want to upload from the existing categories.

Listing Type


Custom Activities

Custom Activities are listings that you can install and drag-and-drop into your workflows in UiPath Studio. They should cover areas that are not already handled by the default activities and activity packs which come with UiPath Studio.


Snippets are ready-made bits of code that you can invoke/include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio. They should be reusable for as many users, environments, and processes as possible. Snippets use the same deployment, versioning, and release management as the Custom Activities.

Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates are frameworks that help you get started with new projects, swiftly and easily. With an already established structure, your team’s productivity will be boosted, regardless of the projects they are working on, by facilitating best practices such as modularity, reusability, maintainability, and extensibility.


Connectors can either be Application Connectors, meaning automations which enable the UiPath product to “talk” to other applications, or Data Connectors, which are automations enabling the UiPath product to connect to external data sources.


Ready-made dashboards that can be deployed by users in their environments. They use the UiPath robot’s logs as a data source and can be made in Kibana / BI or any other reporting platform.

Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models are the output generated when a machine learning algorithm is trained with data and used inside a project. Machine Learning Algorithms are applications of artificial intelligence, based on the idea of learning from experience and provided data inputs, rather than through explicit programming.


Solutions are End to End Process Automations created based on UiPath Core Products, UiPath OEM, and Add-On products that aim to solve domain and industry-specific business problems. They consist of UiPath process flow definitions with examples and templates, how-to documentation as well as Binary or Non-Binary Workflow Libraries.


These videos showcase use cases and demos, as opposed to ready-made listings. The demos help users better understand how to use or implement commonly used activities.

Developer Tool

This type of listing is a solution created specifically for developers, enabling them to create, test, and debug software.

According to each listing type, the type of code files that need to be uploaded is different. Please see below to make sure you upload the correct file type:

Listing Type

Package (available for download in the Marketplace)

Source Code available for download in the Marketplace)


.xaml file/.zip with UiPath project

.xaml file/.zip with UiPath project

Custom Activity

nupkg package

.zip (C#, UiPath Project)


.nupkg package or .zip file +


Workflow Template

.zip with UiPath project

.zip with UiPath project




Machine Learning Model









Developer Tools




In this section you can upload a custom image to be displayed on your listing’s card. The image needs to be representative for your listing’s main idea and should contain simple symbols.


Don’t use images that you do not own the rights for.

Primary language

Select the language of your Content.



For the moment the platform supports only English and/or Japanese languages.



This section can become a tricky one as it needs to be well structured, while at the same time it should keep the audience engaged enough to read it through. When thinking about describing your listing, you should not jump straight to listing all the capabilities it covers. We know that this can be the most exciting part, but by doing so, you risk discouraging users as they might not understand right away how your solution can benefit them.



To provide the best understanding of what a good description is, all examples below are taken from real Marketplace listings. Names of listing are omitted.

:white-check-mark: Briefly state what your listing is all about

  • Example 1
    [X] is a software distribution designed to help enterprise IT teams manage, deploy, and retrain machine learning models at scale. By treating distributed systems as first-class citizens, [X] streamlines the path from research to production.

The package consists of 5 activities: [then the author lists the activities the package contains]

  • Example 2
    This simple template can be used as a starting point for automating attended processes.
    The main advantages of using this template are the following: [then the author lists the advantages]
    How to use it: [then authors explains step-by-step how to use the listing]

  • Example 3
    This solution is pre-configured to pass the link of an online health survey form to employees through WhatsApp or email and it would periodically notify those who have yet to fill in the survey.

:white-check-mark: Mention who is the intended target audience for the listing

  • Example 1
    In the midst of COVID-19, the administration within enterprises would find it hard to collect health status information from employees.

  • Example 2
    […] designed to make advanced analytics accessible to any data worker.

:white-check-mark: Address your audience’s needs or pains

  • Example 1
    By using this custom activity you can avoid more actively involved in the normal workflow development for Excel processes. It reduces the time and effort required for tedious automation.

  • Example 2
    Avoiding the scenario of manually invoking each process […]

:white-check-mark: Mention the listing capabilities and features as solutions

  • Example 1
    At the end of the day (~6 pm), the manager will receive a report which contains various statistics and pie charts.

  • Example 2
    This enables a zero-touch, fully automated contact center solution and complete customer self-service, freeing up agents to work on more complex customer issues.



Text standards: 5000 characters max.

Now that we got the text structure covered, let’s go through some of the easiest but very impactful copywriting tips and tricks you can follow:



Say more with less

You should avoid using long and very technical sentences that leave room for ambiguity or interpretation. Try to write the text in a very concise and constant manner.

Make the text easy to read

To avoid big chunks of paragraphs, you can format the text using proper spacing, bullet-point lists, numbered headers, etc.

Engage with your audience

Write as if you are speaking directly to your customer. Ask rhetorical questions, mention use cases or testimonials relevant for your target audience, finish it all with a powerful call to action, etc.



To make this part less complicated, we recommend you use two (free) writing apps: Grammarly and Hemingway App. They come in handy when you are spell checking or rephrasing the text and can save you some time.


Respond to these questions:

  • What does your project try to solve?
  • How would someone benefit from using this automation?



Text standards: 500 characters max.


To help your audience navigate easier and understand what it is that you are offering, we strongly recommend you to include relevant screenshots, infographics, presentation videos, demos in your listing. Those assets can influence the perception of the audience and increase the trustworthiness of the content even before downloading it.


  • size 10MB tops per image
  • accepted formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
  • you can add up to 10 screenshots


  • URLs in YouTube and/or Vimeo formats
  • you can add multiple video files

:information-source: In order to create high-value video content with few resources, we recommend you use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) as a video recording tool and Descript for creating subtitles (where applicable).

Generally, you can use the following video formatting settings. Note that these are just recommendations and not requirements:

  • Recording resolution: 1920x1080
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • FPS (Frames Per Second): 60 fps

Media Type




:white-check-mark: Where applicable, use branded and consistent imagery. This will increase the trustworthiness of the listing.

:white-check-mark: Make sure the screenshots are relevant/useful or depict some of the main benefits of the solution.

:x: Skip using generic or abstract images as they don't spark any emotions or interest.

:x: Don’t use poor quality or hard to read images.

:x: Don’t use images that you do not own the rights for.


:white-check-mark: When recording, it is recommended that you use the light theme for UiPath Studio and its activities.

:white-check-mark: Where applicable, make sure your audio is high quality and there are no background noises.

:white-check-mark: Maintain the narration at a normal pace. The video should turn out even better if you are following a script.

:white-check-mark: If the content is lengthy, we recommend inserting an agenda and timing at the beginning of the video.

:white-check-mark: We recommend you have a maximum of a 5-minute video. It should be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo to ensure easy sharing with your audience.

:white-check-mark: Where applicable, make sure you add subtitles (preferably in English).

:x: Don’t leave your web notifications open when recording or don’t move the cursor very often. This will distract the audience from your main message.

:x: Where applicable, don’t use too many keyboard shortcuts, as we want the viewers to understand what the steps of the process are.

:x: Where applicable, don’t use your day to day desktop view. Make sure you show little to no personal/sensitive information like folders, bookmark bar, taskbar, browser history, etc.

Additional Details


  • As a Content creator, choose the type of license that you will be using for your Content. You are free to select and apply an open-source software license or a Commercial License. We recommend using permissive licenses to increase usability for other Marketplace users. Make sure there is a clear and agreeable legal relationship between the Content creator and the user. Refer to the ToU for details about Content licensing.
  • Custom License Link - Add your license link.



UiPath grants you a right to use the Service under a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and revocable license, for the purpose of creating and publishing content, but only as permitted through the UiPath Marketplace Publishing Guidelines. In case of any discrepancy between the ToU and the Publishing Guidelines, the ToU will prevail.

License grant to end users: You license your Content to end-users and you must provide your own terms of use (indicating at least the (i) licensing conditions and term; (ii) applicable warranties; (iii) details on support; (iv) applicable fees, and (v) a freely accessible privacy policy) with any Content you upload to UiPath Marketplace (“Content Terms”). Content Terms must comply and be consistent with the ToU. You agree that UiPath does not and will not have any responsibility related to compliance or non-compliance by you or any end-user under your Content Terms. UiPath disclaims all liability with respect to any choice of license or any Content published by you.

License grant to UiPath: You hereby grant UiPath, during the Term, a non-exclusive, worldwide right and license to: (a) make available (including via download) your Content through UiPath Marketplace to end users, by all means of electronic distribution available now or in the future; (b) to use, reproduce, distribute, reformat, create excerpts from, promote, advertise, transmit, and publicly display and perform the Content (or relevant excerpts) in any and all digital and other formats for promotional purposes in connection with UiPath Marketplace and listings of your Content; (c) to use, store, copy and distribute your Content for (i) testing and evaluation (for interoperability and security purposes) conducted by UiPath, (ii) updating your Content, (iii) for purposes of exercising UiPath’s rights and fulfilling UiPath’s obligations hereunder, (ivii) for purposes of enforcing the ToU and Publishing Guidelines, and (iv) for UiPath’s own business purposes internally, within the scope for which the Content’s use is reasonably intended. The license granted in the preceding paragraph includes the rights to distribute, promote and make available new versions of your Content to end-users, including the right to continue to retain and make available your Content to existing end users after the Term, and are granted under all applicable intellectual property rights (including patent rights).

Code Language

Select the code language your listing is compatible with: C# and/or Visual Basic.


Mention the UiPath Studio version/s that are compatible with the Content. If it was not tested on multiple versions, enter the version it was created with.



Clearly state all relevant incompatibilities. Example: Does not work with Office 365.


  • Enter all the dependencies of the Content. Include tools/resources needed in order to use it.
  • Any pre-requisite technologies need to be clearly stated (i.e. Salesforce account, ABBYY account, etc.).



In case you use any third-party services, dependencies, or libraries, please make sure that you check and respect the license and legal or compliance requirements mentioned for that dependency. As specified in our ToU, UiPath Marketplace is not liable in case of improper use of a third-party dependency and might take down the listing. For more details, please take a look over our Terms of Use.


Upload here the User Guide and other documentation necessary or helpful for the Content implementation/usage. Please use this template or input the link to the website where you are hosting your documentation.
:white-check-mark: The installation guide in a PDF/Word/txt/.me format containing all the necessary steps for the installation of the Content.
:white-check-mark: User Guide in a PDF/Word/txt/.me file containing the Content usage details.
:white-check-mark: Add as many How To’s as possible.
:white-check-mark: Explain every usage step.
:white-check-mark: Include input and output arguments.
:white-check-mark: Include images wherever applicable.


In the Upload Form, you are offered to indicate relevant tags that will help users find your listing more easily. By tags, we mean terms associated with your listing. They are used in the search box to find listings with similar tags. As a suggestion, try to break tags into single words instead of putting whole phrases. It can simplify the search process.

For example, these are the tags added to the GSuite Custom Activity uploaded by the UiPath publisher: docs, drive, email, Gmail, Google, GSuite, productivity, sheets, spreadsheets.



If the tags are not provided by you during the submission, our team will add them based on the overall submitted information. However, we strongly believe it’s much more helpful when you add these yourself.


Select the way in which your Content will be distributed.

Content Type


Downloadable Content

This type of Content can be downloaded directly from UiPath Marketplace.

You need to fill in all the form sections including the code related ones.

Version Number - Start with version 0.0. Every change made before publishing the Content increases the decimal index. Example: when the first or a new version of the Content is published it changes the version to 1.0.
Package - Upload the Content in the specified file format according to your listing type.
Source Code - Upload your code files in the specified file format according to your listing type. Comply with the file types mentioned in the Package and Source Code Specifications section. The Source Code is not available for public download, it is required for testing purposes only.
Release Notes - Fill in this section with details about each new version. Text standard: 500 characters.


This type of Content cannot be downloaded directly from the platform.

Interested users will send an inquiry to the author.


By selecting this option, the Upload Form will be updated accordingly.
Leads will undergo only through the Content Review phase of the Marketplace Security Certification process.
Your Email: Add a different email in case you want the inquiries to go to a different email address.

External Link

This option is meant to save you from maintaining the listings in two places if you already have it published on your own app store//marketplace. To download it, people will be redirected to your website/marketplace.


By selecting this option, the Upload Form will be updated accordingly.
External Links will undergo only through the Content Review phase of the Marketplace Security Certification process.
External Link: Add the direct link of the place where the Content can be accessed.


Official Support

  • Enter the contact details of the organization that will offer support for this Content and the applicable support agreement:
    • Email address of the account where the support requests can be sent
    • Website – applicable only if the organization owns a ticketing platform (eg. Contact Us tickets)
    • SLAs – eg. Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM CET; Response time: 2 days; Resolution time: 10 days



  • Users who have a personal account (not affiliated with an organization profile) will not be able to complete the fields for this support type.
  • Listings that provide Official Support can qualify for Silver Certified and Gold Certified badges in terms of the Marketplace Security Certification Program.

Community Support

  • The support for this Content will be assured on best-effort bases by you or other Marketplace users.
  • Users who need assistance will have to access the Content page and click on the Get Community Support in the Support section. They will be redirected to the Forum Marketplace Support page where they can post the issue. Each time a reply is added to the post the user will be notified.

Additional Languages

If you would like to add the Content in ANOTHER language, click the icon. Please note that the platform currently supports only English and Japanese languages.

Other Recommendations

  • If possible, add other supported languages for your listing. This will help you reach more international users.
    E.g. Japanese translation.
  • Provide relevant documentation for the listing. You can include practical examples or explain potential errors.
  • Respect the Marketplace Publishing & Technical Standards.

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