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IP Protection

IP Protection Program

All listings that pass, at a minimum, the Silver Security Certification and which follow our Standards for Quality Content are eligible to have their IP protected.

Through this program, we are offering the possibility to protect the Marketplace Partner’s Source Code. This adds a level of assurance against those that use reverse-engineering techniques to obtain the source code behind a package.

With the help of licensing enforcement, a mechanism that only applies to paid listings, we ensure that those using the content have purchased a corresponding license from the Marketplace, which is necessary for running any activities.


This program applies only to Custom Activities.

IP Protection Program Requirements

For those interested in the IP Protection Program, the requirements are the same as Silver certification requirements.


Please make sure you specify during the publishing process that you are interested in also having your source code protected.

In case you are interested in Licensing enforcement:

  • Your listing needs to be paid
  • Your content needs to satisfy the requirements for the Gold certification.


All details regarding the licensing enforcement (including the implementation instructions) will be communicated during the process of certifying your content.

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IP Protection

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