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This is the final step of the submission process. Please complete it and submit the listing for review by the team.




This is the final step for free listings. Paid listings have also the Pricing section in the submission.

1. Dependencies

Enter all the dependencies of the Content. Include tools/resources needed in order to use it. Any pre-requisite technologies need to be clearly stated (i.e. Salesforce account, ABBYY account, etc.).



In case you use any third-party services, dependencies, or libraries, please make sure that you check and respect the license and legal or compliance requirements mentioned for that dependency. As specified in our Marketplace Agreement, UiPath Marketplace is not liable in case of improper use of a third-party dependency and might take down the listing. For more details, please take a look over the Marketplace Agreement.

2. License

  • As a Content creator, choose the type of license that you will be using for your Content. For free listings, you can select and apply for an open-source software license or a Commercial License. We recommend using permissive licenses to increase usability for other Marketplace users. Make sure there is a clear and agreeable legal relationship between the Content creator and the user. Refer to the ToU for details about Content licensing.
  • For paid listings, we recommend opting for a Custom License that outlines the company’s own terms and conditions. Please refer to the Partner Agreement for more details on licensing. If you don’t have a Custom license, we can provide you with a standard one.
  • Custom License Link - Add your license link. In the FAQ section, you can also see more details on licensing types.


For Paid listings, only Custom License is applicable.



UiPath grants you a right to use the Service under a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and revocable license, for the purpose of creating and publishing content, but only as permitted through the UiPath Marketplace Publishing Guidelines. In case of any discrepancy between the ToU and the Publishing Guidelines, the ToU will prevail.

License grant to end users: You license your Content to end-users and you must provide your own terms of use (indicating at least the (i) licensing conditions and term; (ii) applicable warranties; (iii) details on support; (iv) applicable fees, and (v) a freely accessible privacy policy) with any Content you upload to UiPath Marketplace (“Content Terms”). Content Terms must comply and be consistent with the ToU. You agree that UiPath does not and will not have any responsibility related to compliance or non-compliance by you or any end-user under your Content Terms. UiPath disclaims all liability with respect to any choice of license or any Content published by you.

License grant to UiPath: You hereby grant UiPath, during the Term, a non-exclusive, worldwide right and license to: (a) make available (including via download) your Content through UiPath Marketplace to end users, by all means of electronic distribution available now or in the future; (b) to use, reproduce, distribute, reformat, create excerpts from, promote, advertise, transmit, and publicly display and perform the Content (or relevant excerpts) in any and all digital and other formats for promotional purposes in connection with UiPath Marketplace and listings of your Content; (c) to use, store, copy and distribute your Content for (i) testing and evaluation (for interoperability and security purposes) conducted by UiPath, (ii) updating your Content, (iii) for purposes of exercising UiPath’s rights and fulfilling UiPath’s obligations hereunder, (ivii) for purposes of enforcing the ToU and Publishing Guidelines, and (iv) for UiPath’s own business purposes internally, within the scope for which the Content’s use is reasonably intended. The license granted in the preceding paragraph includes the rights to distribute, promote and make available new versions of your Content to end-users, including the right to continue to retain and make available your Content to existing end users after the Term, and are granted under all applicable intellectual property rights (including patent rights).

3. Privacy terms

Please describe here how (and if) the listing you are submitting is processing the user's personal data. You can share the Privacy Terms or link to applicable policies. By selecting ‘No’, you are confirming this listing does not process any personal information.


4. Documentation

Upload here the User Guide and other documentation necessary or helpful for the Content implementation/usage. Please use this template or input the link to the website where you are hosting your documentation.
:white-check-mark: The installation guide needs to be in a PDF/Word/txt/.me format containing all the necessary steps for the installation of the Content.
:white-check-mark: The User Guide needs to be in a PDF/Word/txt/.me file containing the Content usage details.
:white-check-mark: Add as many How To’s as possible.
:white-check-mark: Explain every usage step.
:white-check-mark: Include input and output arguments.
:white-check-mark: Include images wherever applicable.



We recommend adding a link to online documentation as this way you can ensure that users have access to up-to-date guides.

5. Support

Supported by Publisher

  • Enter the contact details of the Company that will offer support for this Content and the applicable support agreement:
    • Email address of the account where the support requests can be sent
    • Website – applicable only if the Company owns a ticketing platform (eg. Contact Us tickets)
    • SLAs – eg. Mon-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM CET; Response time: 2 days; Resolution time: 10 days



  • This support option is mandatory in case of paid listings. Please align your support terms with Marketplace Partner Agreement.
  • Users who have a personal account (not affiliated with a Company profile) will not be able to complete the fields for this support type. If you’re an individual user, check out this article on how to create necessary assets for registering a Company on Marketplace.
  • Listings that have status Supported by Publisher can qualify for Gold Certified badge in terms of the Marketplace Security Certification Program.

Community Support

  • The support for this Content will be assured on best-effort bases by you or other Marketplace users.
  • Users who need assistance will have to access the Content page and click on the Get Community Support in the Support section. They will be redirected to the Forum Marketplace Support page where they can post the issue. Each time a reply is added to the post the user will be notified.

Once you’re done with this part too, please either Save As a Draft to make future changes or Submit if everything is ready.

If you're submitting a paid listing, please move to the final Pricing section.

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Files & Terms

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