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Integration with UiPath Studio

  • What is the UiPath Marketplace Public Feed?
    It`s a public Studio feed in direct sync with the UiPath Marketplace containing all the published custom activities.
    The sync works in such a way that whenever a Custom Activity is published, it automatically appears in the Marketplace Public Studio Feed.
    This way, you can enjoy all the custom activities that the Marketplace has to offer directly in your Studio instance.

  • How can I get my listing in the Public Feed?
    Please remember that Public Feed contains only listings from the Custom Activities category. Once your custom activity is curated and published, it’s automatically displayed in the Public Feed.
    When compiling the package and inputting the MetaData, please use the following guidelines:



Metadata Mandatory fields

Id – Package name

If you are posting this package as an organization publisher, use the following convention: OrganizationName.PackageName.Activities

If you are posting this package as Community, use the following convention:  PackageName.Activities
Please do not use the UiPath tag anywhere in the name. Doing so results in the submission being rejected.


Package version


Name of the publisher(s)


Brief description of the activity’s functionality;  it can match the Summary section from the listing submission form


Relevant labels indicating the listing category/functionality

License URL

Specify the license URL based on the type of license you selected for your listing

License Acceptance checkmark

Needs to be checked


For organization publisher listings, please specify the organization name. For Community listings fill in the author-name.

Optional fields:

Icon URL

If you wish to have your organization logo appear with the package please specify the logo URL


If you have localized your listing, please specify the language(s).

Please follow the above guidelines, as your submission will be curated, and the process will be put on hold until all these details are added.

  • What if the UiPath Marketplace Public Feed is not present in the “Manage packages” section from Studio?
    If you do not have the Marketplace option available, access Manage Packages > Settings and add it manually by using the following details:

  • How to install a custom activity from the Public Feed?

    • Open UiPath Studio.
    • Open any project and click the Manage packages icon.
    • Click Marketplace. 
    • Select the activity you wish to acquire and click Install. 
    • Click Save to apply the changes.
    • The newly installed activity is displayed in the Studio Activities section.
      Please check the following demo video:

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Integration with UiPath Studio

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