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Classify Document


Submits a potentially multi-page document for OCR and classification. As this file can contain multiple different types of documents (such as invoice, contract, and transcript), a list of all constituent document types is returned along with the fields they may comprise of.



  • DisplayName (String) - The display name of the activity.


  • BatchClass (String) - The target bucket, predefined on the Transact server, which contains a group of related documents and their constituent fields.
  • FilePath (String) - The full path of the file to be uploaded. Supports only strings and String variables.


  • Private (Boolean) - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


  • Documents (EphesoftDocument[ ]) - An array of documents identified within the uploaded batch.

Custom Classes


  • Confidence (Single) - A Lucene score for confidence of the classification. This should be over the Confidence Threshold.
  • Confidence Threshold (Single) - The value above which the classification can be trusted.
  • DataTables (DataTable) - Any table expected to be found in the document, if one exists.
  • Fields (EphesoftField[ ]) - A list of fields expected to be found in the document.
  • Identifier (Single) - A unique value identifying this document.
  • isConfident (Boolean) - Whether or not the Confidence exceeds the Confidence Threshold.
  • Type (String) - The type of document identified.


  • Confidence (Single) - A Lucene score for confidence of the extracted field.
  • IsConfident (Boolean) - Whether or not the Confidence exceeds a given threshold.
  • Name (String) - The name of the field.
  • OCRConfidence (Single) - Confidence that the OCR engine extracted correctly.
  • OCRConfidenceThreshold (Single) - The value above which the extracted field can be trusted.
  • Type (String) - The type of the field.
  • Value (String) - The value read from the targeted field.

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Classify Document

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