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Start a Job - Specific

Before reviewing the example, it's recommended that you first read the How to Start a Job tutorial.

The example below shows the job template experience when a user selects Specific for their job Strategy and adds Input Arguments to include in the request.

In this example, the event that invokes this template is the creation of a new incident. Defining how it gets invoked is application specific and not covered in this example.

How it works

The following steps and images are an example of how the connector works from design time (i.e., user inputs) to run time (i.e., sending the HTTP request).

  1. Enter a Job Template Name.
    • This name is used in your application and can act as a unique identifier in case you want to start different jobs depending on the event that occurs in your application.
  2. Enter the Process Name that you want to start.
    • After entering the process name, the connector sends a request the Releases endpoint to retrieve all of the process Environments.
    • The system processes the response and populates the Environment drop-down list with the EnvironmentName values and the Input button becomes required because there are required input Arguments (i.e., "Input": "[{\"name\":\"IncidentId\",...\"required\":true,\"...).
  3. Select the Environment that you want to start the job in.
  4. Select the Strategy that you want to apply to the job (i.e., Specific).
    • After selecting Specific, the UI presents a Robot drop-down list.
    • To populate the Robot list, the sytem sends request to the Environments endpoint to retrieve all robots that are available in the previously selected Environment.
      • If you change the Environment selection, the Robot drop-down list is refreshed to show all robots in the newly selected environment.
  5. Click Inputs (this opens a window that includes selections/inputs that are specific to your application).
    • Select the application Object that you want to associate with this job template (i.e., Incident).
    • Select the type of event that will invoke this job template (i.e., New incident created).
    • Select the Field Data associated with the selected Object that you want to include as the job input argument values.
      • For example, selecting Incident Id indicates that you want the id value included as a job input argument.
      • Click Done (this closes the window).
  6. Click Save.
    • When a new a new Incident is created in the application, the connector sends a request to the Jobs endpoint to start the specified process.

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Start a Job - Specific

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