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There are two integrations to enable the inbound and outbound automation between UiPath and Appian: UiPath Connector for Appian (inbound) and UiPath Appian Activities Package (outbound). This two-way integration gives you the ability to seamlessly automate processes across both platforms.

UiPath Connector for Appian (inbound)

The UiPath Connector for Appian uses UiPath Orchestrator APIs to connect to your UiPath Orchestrator instance. This connection gives you the ability perform multiple operations from your Appian platform, including the starting of a new Job or seeing the automation resources available (e.g., Robots and Processes).

For more information, see UiPath Connected System in the Appian Community documentation.

UiPath Appian Activities Package

The UiPath Appian Activities Package uses a Appian Web APIs to connect to your Appian platform. This connection gives you the ability to use UiPath Robots to start Appian processes or assign tasks to individual users or groups.

The Appian activities rely on a UiPath Sample Application that you download and import into your Appian Designer. This sample app includes the sample process models and web APIs that enable the connection and interaction between Appian and UiPath.

To get started, see the Appian Quickstart guide.

For more information about each Appian activity, see the following detail pages:

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