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Amazon Rekognition


Amazon Rekognition is an image recognition service that detects objects, scenes, faces, text, and inappropriate content in images. You can also use the service to search and compare faces.

The Amazon Rekognition Activities Package brings the power of the Amazon Rekognition image service to UiPath Studio. Using the Amazon Rekognition Image APIs, this activities package provides you with the following image analysis capabilities:

  • Detect, identify, and compare faces
  • Identify and return distinct objects (i.e., label detection)
  • Detect unsafe content
  • Identify and return text
  • Create collections to store faces

How it works

The Amazon Rekognition Activities Package enables the outbound automation between UiPath and Amazon Rekognition by establishing an authenticated connection to your AWS account via the Amazon Scope activity. After establishing your connection, you can use the other activities in the package to automate interactions with the Amazon Rekognition Image service.


If you want to make an image searchable (e.g., discover objects and scenes that appear within them like a person, events, flower, tree, and table), you can build an automation project using the Amazon Scope and Detect Labels activities.

When you run your project:

  1. Your robot connects to your AWS account and Rekognition service using the credentials you entered in the Amazon Scope activity.
  2. After connecting to the Rekognition service, the robot inputs the image you specified in the Detect Labels activity.
  3. The Rekognition service analyzes the image to detect the objects and the level of confidence that those objects are present in the image (e.g, 0.987 or 98.7%).
  4. After the Rekognition service completes detection, your robot collects the data and can output it to a specified location or subsequent activity.

Activities and APIs

Each Amazon Rekognition activity calls an Amazon Rekognition Image API action using your specified input properties (i.e., request parameters). If the action is successful, the activity outputs the relevant response elements (i.e., output properties) that you can use as input properties in subsequent activities, queue items in an existing Queue, and etc.

The image below shows each activity and the API operations it uses for automation.

Get started

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide.

After you complete the setup steps, see the Quickstart guides. These guides provide step-by-step instructions to help you create working samples of the different activities so that you can verify the connection to your AWS account and get familiar with the input/output properties.

To learn more about the Amazon Rekognition activities, see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

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Amazon Rekognition

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