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Using the Orchestrator Configurator Tool

The Orchestrator Configurator Tool is a bash script that allows you to place files and settings inside the Orchestrator deployment in Automation Suite. The tool helps you add storage files, credential store plugins, NLog extensions, new NLog configurations, and override appSettings.

The environment where you use the Orchestrator Configurator Tool must be able to run a bash script and have the following tools:

  • kubectl configured with a connection to the cluster
  • jq 1.6
  • argocd cli
  • rclone
    Note: Follow these steps to install rclone.

To be able to run this script from any location, follow these steps:

  1. Update the PATH variable so as to include <installer-dir>/bin. For example:
    export PATH="$PATH:/opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/online_installer_2022.10.0/bin"
  2. Make sure that the jq --version utility version is 1.6. If it's not, update it through one of these options:
yum install -y epel-release
yum install -y jq
curl --output /tmp/jq-1.6-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
yum localinstall /tmp/jq-1.6-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
jq --version
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Usage: ./ \
  -s blobstoragefolder -p pluginsfolder -n nlogextensionsfolder \
  -c appsettings.custom.config -l nlog.custom.config 

        application configuration file containing json with key-value structure
        nlog config file, json

        location of the storage folder on the local disk
        location of the nlog extensions on the local disk
        location of the securestore plugins on the local disk

        do not update the orchestrator app with the new values
        do not prompt for confirmation of actions and overwriting of files with kubectl cp.


To apply new application settings, run the following command:

./ -c appsettings.custom.json
Click to see an example appsettings.custom.config
    "ExampleSetting.Enabled": true,
    "ExampleSetting.Type": "BasicExample",
    "ExampleSetting.Count": 3


To change NLog configuration, run the following command:

./ -l nlog.custom.json
Click to see an example nlog.custom.config
  "Nlog": {
    "targets": {
      "robotElasticBuffer": {
        "flushTimeout": 1000,
        "bufferSize": 1000,
        "slidingTimeout": false,
        "target": {
          "uri": "",
          "requireAuth": true,
          "username": "elastic-user",
          "password": "elastic-password",
          "index": "${event-properties:item=indexName}-${date:format=yyyy.MM}",
          "documentType": "logEvent",
          "includeAllProperties": true,
          "layout": "${message}",
          "excludedProperties": "agentSessionId,tenantId,indexName"

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Using the Orchestrator Configurator Tool

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