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StatefulSet volume attachment error - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 13, 2024

StatefulSet volume attachment error

Pods in RabbitMQ or cattle-monitoring-system or other StatefulSet pods are stuck in the init state.


Occasionally, upon node power failure or during upgrade, an issue causes the pods in RabbitMQ or cattle-monitoring-system to get stuck in init state as the volume required for attaching the PVC to a pod is missing.

Verify if the problem is indeed related to the StatefulSet volume attachment by running the following command:

kubectl -n <namespace> describe pod <pod-name> | grep "cannot get resource \"volumeattachments\" in API group \"\""kubectl -n <namespace> describe pod <pod-name> | grep "cannot get resource \"volumeattachments\" in API group \"\""

If it is related to the StatefulSet volume attachment, it will show an error message.


To fix this issue, reboot the node.

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