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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Connecting Task Mining application

This page walks you through the steps for connecting the Task Mining client to the Automation Suite instance.


For Task Mining specific requirements, please refer to the Task Mining client Hardware and software requirements ( and installations).

Note: The following is a brief introduction to setting up Task Mining. For more detailed instructions, follow the steps outlined here: Starting Task Mining Projects.

Create your first project

  1. The Task Mining homepage allows tenant administrators to create multiple discovery initiatives, called projects. Create a new one by clicking the Add Project button.

  2. The Add Project page is displayed, allowing you to name your project and provide a description. Fill in the project name and click Save.

  3. The new project will appear in the project list. Click on the newly created project to open the configuration and management experience.

This is where you configure your project settings, including which team members will participate and which applications should be recorded.

Invite users to the project


In order for the invitation email notifications to be delivered, make sure to set up system email notifications.

In case system email notifications are not configured, users will still be successfully added to the project, however, they will not receive an email with the link to the desktop application and sign-in instructions, please make sure to communicate the instructions to users.

Follow the below steps to send an email invitation to selected user(s). The resulting email will contain instructions for each user to download and install Task Mining client application.

  1. From the Team tab of the Task Mining project, click the Send Installer & Invite button (or the + Invite button if users have already been invited).

  2. On the Send Invite & Installers form, type in the user(s) work email address that you want to invite to collect recordings from.
    Note: You can only invite users that have accepted invitations to Automation Suite.

    Note: Please note that the people picker on the invitation screen would only list user accounts in your organizations that have an email address specified.
  3. Click Send.

Each user you have specified will receive an email containing instructions and the link to download the Task Mining client.

Setting up the end-user environment

Installing the self-signed certificate


This step is only required for the self-signed certificates, which are a default option during the installation.

More information can be found here: Configuring the certificates

If during installation you have opted in for a CA-trusted certificate you can skip this step.

  1. Download the certificate from the Automation Platform using the steps described in Configuring the certificates.
  2. Copy the certificate to the end-user machine.
  3. Open the certificate file.

    You will see the information about the certificate. Proceed by pressing the button “Install certificate“.

  4. In the Certificate Import Wizard, select “Local Machine“ as the store option. This step requires Administrator permissions.

  5. Once the Administrator Access is granted, you will be prompted to select a certificate store.

    Select the certificate store explicitly and select “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities“.

  6. Review the import details and complete certificate installation by pressing Finish.

  7. Navigate to the file you have just exported and open the file. You will see the information about the certificate. Click the Install certificate... button.

  8. In the Certificate Import Wizard, select Local Machine as the store location.
    Note: This step requires administrator permissions.
  9. Once the administrator access is granted, you will be prompted to select a certificate store. Click Browse to select the certificate store explicitly and select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities.

  10. Review the import details and complete certificate installation by clicking Finish.

    Note: You should close the browser where the certificate was opened and visit the Service URL to see if there are warnings shown on the URL security tab.

Update the hosts file with values specific to your installation

Follow the same steps used to configure the DNS during installation of Automation Suite to make the FQDN of your Automation Suite installation accessible from the local machine.


Object store host (e.g., is necessary for the following Task Mining flows:

  • Task Mining client application requires the host to push captured data to the Admin Portal.
  • Admin portal leverages the host to download data relevant for visualizing the analysis results.

If the host is not specified flows above will not work.

Install and run the Task Mining client application

  1. After installing the Task Mining client application from the link in the email or from the direct link, launch the application from the Task Mining application from the Windows start menu.
  2. When the application launches, it will display the welcome screen. Click the Customize Service URL button in the bottom right.

  3. Type in the FQDN URL for the Automation Suite installation and click Sign In.


Issues connecting to the Automation Suite service URL

  • To make sure the certificate changes work, ensure your Service URL and the certificate used for the SSL are allowed in your company network (firewalls, proxy configuration, etc.).
  • Make sure to paste the Service URL without the "/" at the end of the string, as it won’t work with the slash in the link.

Cannot find a UiPath web service at the given address.

Note: The application is not able to connect to the Task Mining service.
  1. Please make sure that you can connect to the Task Mining service in Automation Suite using the browser of choice.

    1. If you are, please follow through the following steps.

    2. If the Task Mining service is not enabled - please make sure to proceed

    3. If not - please make sure to capture the screen and make sure that prerequisites for connecting Task Mining client application (certificate installation, hosts file edit) are met.

  2. If there is any company to direct traffic through a proxy service - please make sure to configure the proxy service in Task Mining application explicitly.
  3. If the steps above didn’t help resolve the issue, please collect application logs and reach out for support.

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