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RKE2 server fails to start - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 13, 2024

RKE2 server fails to start


The server fails to start. There are a few different reasons for RKE2 not starting properly, which are usually found in the logs.


Check the logs using the following commands:

journalctl -u rke2-serverjournalctl -u rke2-server

Possible reasons (based on logs): too many learner members in cluster

Too many etcd servers are added to the cluster, and there are two learner nodes trying to be promoted. More information here: Runtime reconfiguration.

Perform the following:

  1. Under normal circumstances, the node should become a full member if enough time is allowed.
  2. An uninstall-reinstall cycle can be attempted.

Alternatively, this could be caused by a networking problem. Ensure you have configured the machine to enable the necessary ports.

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