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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Switching to the secondary cluster

This section provides high-level instructions on switching the traffic to the secondary Automation Suite cluster.

To switch to the secondary Automation Suite cluster, take the following steps:

  1. Turn on all the nodes of the Automation Suite cluster.
  2. Bring back all products.

  3. Wait for all the components and products to be healthy.
  4. Sync the AI Center skills on the secondary cluster.
  5. Switch the traffic to the secondary cluster.

When switching to the secondary site, products like Insights, Task Mining, Process Mining, and Automation Hub will not be available.

Bringing back the products

You can scale up the cluster and bring back all inactive products using the script:
./ products scale-up -ha./ products scale-up -ha

Syncing the AI Center ML Skill

You can use the following script to re-sync the AI Center ML Skilll in the secondary cluster. The script triggers the re-sync in the background if no active sync is in progress. You can use the same script to switch back to the primary cluster.

The script syncs the skills in the background (async) and returns. The job ensures that the skills are deployed and updates the DB entry to reflect the current status.

./ aicenter skill sync./ aicenter skill sync
To monitor the skill status, you must run a different script, as shown in the following section.

Checking the status of the AI Center ML Skill

To view the status of the AI Center ML Skill, run the following command:

./ aicenter skill status./ aicenter skill status
The command can return any of the following statuses:
  • InProgess - skill deployment is in progress.
  • Failed - skill deployment is failed.
  • OutOfSync - skill is available in the database; however, it has yet to be deployed.
  • Available - when the skills are deployed and available to consume.

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