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Downloading the installation packages and getting all the files on the first server node - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 13, 2024

Downloading the installation packages and getting all the files on the first server node

The upgrade process uses the /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/<version>/installer directory for internal operations. Do not download the upgrade packages to this directory.

Step 1.1: Preparing the installation folder

Create the installation folder by running the following command on the server node on which you plan to execute the upgrade. The upgrade process moves the files from the following location to the appropriate location.

sudo su -
mkdir -p /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latestsudo su -
mkdir -p /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest

Step 1.2: Downloading the installation packages

Download the following installation packages:

Required package

Download instructions


See for download instructions.

On the first server node, on which you plan to trigger the upgrade.

Preferred location: /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest/

You must perform this step on a machine with Internet access, as follows:

  • Online installation - You can download the file on the Automation Suite machines.
  • Offline installation - You need a temporary management machine with internet access to download the file and then transfer it to the Automation Suite machines.

Step 1.3: Unzipping the installation packages

Unzip the installation packages on all the Automation Suite machines by running the following command:

cd /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest
unzip -d installer
chmod 755 -R /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest/installercd /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest
unzip -d installer
chmod 755 -R /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/latest/installer
If you perform the steps described on this page, the installer files are extracted to the /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite/<version>/installer folder. All our installation instructions assume that you use this folder, so we recommend using it as well.
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