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Migrating from Automation Suite on Linux to Automation Suite on EKS/AKS - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 13, 2024

Migrating from Automation Suite on Linux to Automation Suite on EKS/AKS

You can migrate from Automation Suite deployed on a Linux machine to Automation Suite on EKS/AKS. To do that, you must move your data from one Automation Suite flavor to another using uipathctl.

One of the advantages of this migration process is that you can attempt to perform it multiple times with no impact on your existing cluster.


You can only migrate to a new installation of Automation on EKS/AKS. Migrating to an existing installation of Automation on EKS/AKS is currently not supported.

To migrate from Automation Suite on Linux to Automation Suite on EKS/AKS, take the following steps:


Migration step


Mandatory. Download uipathctl.

For download instructions, see uipathctl.


Mandatory. Download versions.json.

For download instructions, see versions.json.


Prepare the docker images for both source and target cluster.

Optional. If your deployment is offline or if you use a private OCI registry, make sure the required images are available.


Prepare the target cluster:

  1. Create the input.json file.
  2. Run the prerequisites check.


Run the migration and move the data.

The migration executes pods on both the source and target clusters. The external object storage configured for the source cluster, specifically the Platform bucket, is used as an intermediate migration storage location.

Source cluster:

  • general-migration-* pods are responsible for exporting Kubernetes objects from the source cluster into the target cluster.
  • volume-migration-* pods are responsible for copying PVC data into the intermediate external storage.

Target cluster:

  • inbound-pvc-migration-* pods are responsible for creating PVCs in the target cluster and copying the source data into them.


  • Run the installation of Automation Suite on AKS or EKS.

For detailed migration instructions, see the Automation Suite on EKS/AKS Installation Guide.

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