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How to debug failed Automation Suite installations - Automation Suite 2023.10
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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 13, 2024

How to debug failed Automation Suite installations

If the Automation Suite installation fails while running the or installers, take the following steps to debug it:
  1. Check if the nodes are active.
    1. For server nodes, run sudo systemctl status rke2-server.
    2. For agent nodes, run sudo systemctl status rke2-agent.
      1. If the nodes are active, but the installation failed, use the to troubleshoot.
      2. If a node is inactive, check the installation logs for any errors.
  2. Capture basic installation logs.

    The installer prints the installation log location when using For, logs are stored in the directory from where the installation command was executed.
    If the installation logs do not reveal the issue, run the installers in debug mode for more details. For both online and offline installations, run -d. The -d flag runs the installer in debug mode.

    Troubleshooting can also be done based on the logs available in ArgoCD, Istio, or on the machine itself. For more details, see Exploring logs.

  3. Capture all installation logs.

    To capture all logs related to the Automation Suite installation, download the script from GitHub and run it under the root account.

    The script collects the following data:

    • system info
    • network info
    • docker info
    • k3s info
    • rke2 info
    • rancher logs
    • k8s component logs
    • system pod logs
    • nginx-proxy info
    • k3s cluster logs
    • system pod logs
    • rke2 cluster logs
    • rke2 system pod logs
    • rke2 agent/server logs
    • system logs from /var/log
    • system logs from journald
    • k8s directory state
    • k8s certificates
    • k3s directory state
    • k3s certificates
    • k3s server certificates
    • rke2 directory state
    • rke2 certificates
    • rke2 server certificates
    • rke etcd info
    • etcdctl output
    • rke2 etcd info
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