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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Step 3: Configuring Azure SQL

In this section, you will provision and configure an SQL Server.

Each service uses a database with its own specifications.

  • In the installation process, the default option is to give the installer access to the SQL Server so it can create the required databases.
  • As an alternative option, you could also create the databases manually using the default DB names listed in Configuring Microsoft SQL Server ( or multi-node HA-ready production ).
  1. Go to Azure SQL from the home page.
  2. Go to the Azure SQL, select Create, choose Database server as your SQL database deployment option, and then click Create.

  3. Fill in the required fields and click Next:
    Important: We do not support the following characters in the SQL username and password: ; # @ ?.

  4. Under the Networking tab, select yes for allow Azure Services and click Next:

  5. Click Next

  6. Fill in any tags required and click Next:

    (Optional step - only if you require tags on internal policies, otherwise ignore)

  7. Review the information and click Create:

  8. Wait until the deployment is complete:

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