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Manage Users

This is the page where user accounts are added and managed by the Program Manager or System Admin.

The following options are available:


The People page displays in a tabular view all the users added to the tenant. You have the option to View, Add, Edit, Inactivate, or Delete any of the listed accounts.


Here you can find details about each permission. By clicking the exclamation mark icon, a permission matrix is displayed and the actions corresponding to the selected permission are highlighted.

To find out more check the Permissions Description and Matrix.

User Roles

View, Define, and Customize user roles that can be selected when adding a collaborator to the Automation Profile page.

Based on the availability of the Edit/Delete option, there are two role types:

  • Permanent Roles: Submitter, Process Owner, and Project Manager
  • Editable Roles: Business Analyst, Solution Architect, RPA Developer


In case editable or newly created roles have been assigned in an Automation Profile, the Disable and Delete options are no longer available.

Check the Roles Matrix page for details about the predefined roles.

You also have the option to Create New Role. These roles can be disabled or deleted if not used in an Automation Profile.

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Manage Users

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