UiPath Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

Enabling the Store

The Automation Store can be enabled and controlled via the settings we provide in both Automation CloudTM and Automation Hub.

:white-check-mark: As an Administrator that wants to set up the Store for rolling it out to the Business Users, here are the consolidated steps that you need to perform:

  1. Start by Enabling the Service from Automation CloudTM.
  2. Decide how you want your users to interact with the Automations in the Store by checking the Instant consumption settings in Automation Hub.
  3. The Store can be integrated with Orchestrator (Cloud), so check the details of the Orchestrator connection in Automation Hub.
  4. The end goal is for your users to run the Automations from the Store in their UiPath Assistant, so check the minimum requirements for the Assistant setup and how to perform the connection.

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Enabling the Store

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