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General Availability

5 November 2019

We are excited to announce that, as of today, Connect Enterprise Hub is now generally available.

This easy to use product is a cloud-based solution that will help you identify and manage automation pipeline, store process documentation, and securely leverage reusable components.

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Main Features

A high-level understanding of this platform is available below. We invite you to take a deep dive into each feature that will accelerate the adoption of RPA across your organization.


For a more detailed view, we recommend you access our Connect Enterprise User Guide.

In case you have additional questions please contact our Technical Support team.

Admin Console

A module where you can configure your tenant and manage the users who will be on-boarded. Use this wide range of options to customize the manage your automation hierarchy, application inventory, documentation templates and the cost types used in the ROI calculator.

To discover all the options integrated into this module access the Admin Console Chapter.

Opportunity Identifier

With Connect Enterprise, you can crowdsource automation ideas from employees across the business. Essentially, this means you can take advantage of the long tail of automation opportunities. At the same time, it enables specialized opportunity identification done by your business analysts.
An algorithm assesses these opportunities, and they flow into a centralized pipeline,

Access the Submit and Idea Chapter and find out more details.

Pipeline Manager

An open, transparent automation pipeline management tool, where employees have instant access to the automation plans and status, expected benefits and can express their opinion by upvoting ideas or requests.

The Automation Pipeline Chapter covers all the details of this option.

ROI Calculator

Refine your benefit and cost estimations using the Connect Enterprise ROI Calculator function.
By being able to estimate profitability, you can make better automation decisions.

You'll be able to determine baselines for key performance indicators such as:

  • the average benefit derived from an automation;
  • the average cost of the automation.

Documentation Repository

With automation comes a lot of documentation:

  • Input and output files,
  • Operating procedures,
  • Process Definition documents,
  • Solution Design Documents,
  • Development Specification Documents,
  • Test plans,

and others.

With Connect Enterprise you can collect, store and consult all of this documentation from one single place.

Component Gallery

You may be familiar with UiPath’s public marketplace of reusable components.

Connect Enterprise gives you your own private internal marketplace, so that you can create, curate and use components that people in your organization have built—across multiple automations.

As you grow this gallery of reusable components, they’ll enable you to speed up development and ensure consistent quality for the code delivered in production.

Check out all the information by accessing the Component Chapter.

Enterprise Community

Connect Enterprise helps you build a community of people interested in automation within your organization—including business, IT, and COE users.

All of these users can connect to drive the automation program. And, they'll get recognized and rewarded for participating.

The People Chapter provides more details.

Performance Reporting Tool

You'll also have a set of dashboards and reports that help you provide visibility to key stakeholders sponsoring the RPA Program on the performance of the program, over the year.

We created the Automation Program Performance dashboards to enable Program managers to answer simple questions like:

  • How many ideas were approved for implementation?
  • How many ideas are in analysis, solution design, development or testing?
  • How many automations are Live and produce value?

See how this looks like by accessing the Dashboards Chapter.

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