UiPath Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub Guide


To start using Automation Hub service start by performing the provisioning process for both new tenants as well as existing tenants. After this procedure is completed the data from your Automation Hub instance becomes available in Automation Cloud.

:white-check-mark: Please check the About Tenants page for more details about Automation Cloud tenants.



The data migration can be done only by the users assigned as both Automation Cloud Organization Administrator and Automation Hub Account Owner.

The Automation Hub service provisioning process contains the following phases:

  • Phase 1: enabling the service in Automation Cloud.
  • Phase 2: completing the provisioning in Automation Hub.

Check out the below video that presents the following topics related to the Automation Hub service available in Automation Cloud and its onboarding process:
00:00 - Introduction to Automation Hub integration with Automation Cloud
01:05 - Enabling Automation Hub service on one of the existing tenants
01:22 - Enabling Automation Hub service on new tenants
02:10 - Choosing to import existing or create a new Automation Hub instance
02:56 - Full Migration
08:37 - Partial Migration

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