UiPath Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

What is new in this setup?

The below features are included in the new setup for Automation Hub:

  • Multi-Tenancy: create and manage two or more Automation Hub services under one single account.
  • Simplified access: use one entry point for all cloud products >
  • Enhanced user management: manage your users for all your cloud products from one single place.
  • Migration options: transfer fast and easy your existing Automation Hub data to the new setup.
  • AD integration : sync your users with your Azure Active Directory

What are the changes?

Please find below a list of the changes applied to the Automation Hub service interface:

  1. Logout and language switcher: from the Automation Cloud left navigation bar you will:
    • View the tenant that you are currently in;
    • Change the tenant from the tenant switcher;
    • Change the language;
    • Logout.
  2. URL Structure and Left Navigation Bar: if you choose to migrate your Automation Hub tenant to Automation Cloud the URL structure changes as per the below schema: + account name + service name + service-specific URLs.


Example URL change:

The URL for Explore Automations on an Automation Hub instance that lies on a tenant named tenantX in the Automation Cloud instance for the company ACME will be:

  1. The Automation Hub Icon on the Left Navigation Bar: Will appear only if the Automation Hub service is enabled on the tenant that is currently selected from the tenant switcher;
    :information-source: If the Automation Hub service is not enabled on that tenant, it will not appear on the sidebar.

Why was this changed?

Below you can find a list containing some of the main reasons for the change:

  • Bring all UiPath cloud products under one portal - Automation Cloud;
  • Future integrations between the Automation Cloud services;
  • Easier user management;
  • Centralized control.

Can I still use the old version?

You can use the platform setup until the 31st of Dec 2021 when all the tenants will be migrated to the new service version. We recommend you try the new setup by creating a fresh new Automation Hub instance and see how it works.

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