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This is the first step of the listing submission process.

Please fill in all the necessary fields.


1. Monetization Type

Please select whether you want to submit a free listing or a paid one, this way the form will be displayed according to your choice.


The Paid option is available for Custom Activities and Business Solutions.

2. Listing Language

Select the language from the drop-down menu. Please note that the platform currently supports only English and Japanese languages.

3. Product

Please select the UiPath product your automation is intended to work with.

StudioCustom Activities, Connectors, Templates, Snippets, Solutions and Tools developed for UiPath Studio.
StudioXTemplates for UiPath StudioX.
AI CenterML Models that can work in UiPath AI Center.
AssistantReady-to-go automations created for UiPath Assistant.
AppsSolutions and Templates created for UiPath Apps.
Integration ServiceConnectors built with UiPath Integration Service


Business Solutions are available only for Paid Type.

Select the type from the drop-down menu. Below you can see explanations on what each type stands for.

4. Category



The drop-down menu in the Category field alters depending on the Product you choose. Please see below.


Custom ActivityActivities are listings that you can install and drag-and-drop into your workflows in UiPath Studio. They should cover areas that are not already handled by the default activities and activity packs which come with UiPath Studio.

Note: Integrations are published as Custom Activities as well.
ConnectorConnectors can either be Application Connectors, meaning automations which enable the UiPath product to “talk” to other applications, or Data Connectors, which are automations enabling the UiPath product to connect to external data sources.

Also, these include widgets on other applications that let them “talk” to UiPath.
TemplateTemplates are frameworks that help you get started with new projects, swiftly and easily.

With an already established structure, your team’s productivity will be boosted, regardless of the projects they are working on, by facilitating best practices such as modularity, reusability, maintainability, and extensibility.
SnippetSnippets are ready-made bits of code that you can invoke/include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio.

They should be reusable for as many users, environments, and processes as possible. Snippets use the same deployment, versioning, and release management as Activities.
SolutionSolutions are End-to-End Process Automations created based on UiPath Core Products, UiPath OEM, and Add-On products that aim to solve domain and industry-specific business problems.

They consist of UiPath process flow definitions with examples and templates, how-to documentation as well as Binary or Non-Binary Workflow Libraries.
ToolTools are solutions that are aiming to help you develop, diagnose and measure your automations.

AI Center

ML ModelML Models are the output generated when a machine learning algorithm is trained with data and used inside a project.

Machine Learning Algorithms are applications of artificial intelligence, based on the idea of learning from experience and provided data inputs, rather than through explicit programming.


Ready-to-go automationsReady-to-go automations are ready-to-use attended automations with little-to-no configuration required to be ran through UiPath Assistant.



Available categories for UiPath Apps product are Solution and Template.
Available category for UiPath StudioX is Template.
And for UiPath Integration Service, this is Connector.

5. Listing Type

Content TypeDescription
DownloadableThis type of Content can be downloaded directly from UiPath Marketplace.
LeadThis type of Content cannot be downloaded directly from the platform.

Interested users will send an inquiry to the author to ask about ways of obtaining the automation.
External LinkThis option is meant to save you from maintaining the listings in two places if you already have it published on your own app store/marketplace. To download it, people will be redirected to your website/marketplace.

6. Card Preview

You can see the preview of your listing card on the top right side of the Upload Form each time. The changes reflect there immediately after you make them.



The next fields depend on the choices you’ve made in the drop-down menus above. Let’s go through them as well.

Fulfillment message



It's applicable only to Business Solutions.

Use this field to inform your future customers about the next steps in the fulfillment process. The message is received once the purchase is completed.

The Business Solution is not hosted on the UiPath Marketplace. Thus, the customers need to receive instructions from you on how the Solution and its assets will be shipped to them after the order is finalized.

Example 1Thank you for purchasing our Business Solution!
Our customer success manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
Example 2 To install the Business Solution, please go to the X website. Use credentials to access the configuration document here. If any customization is required, please contact us via the Support tab.


Specify the product version(s), code language, and framework your automation is compatible with (if that’s applicable for the category you selected).



For Studio, before adding the versioning number, please also mention if the Studio version you have used to develop the automation is Community or Enterprise edition, eg. Community Edition 20.10 to 21.10.

1. Product

Here you will see the UiPath product your automation is intended for (as per your choice).

2. Version

Mention the version(s) of the corresponding product that is compatible with your listing. If it was not tested on multiple versions, enter the version it was created within both sections. E.g. UiPath Studio 20.10 to 21.4.

3. Code Language



It's applicable only to Custom Activities.

Select the code language your listing is compatible with: C# and/or Visual Basic.

Please note that choosing C# will automatically check Visual basic too. Alternatively, you can only choose Visual Basic Language. If you select C#, Visual Basic is also selected and grayed out. To deselect Visual Basic in this case, you need to first deselect C#.

4. Runtime



It's applicable only to Custom Activities.

Please indicate if your automation is compatible with .NET Framework or .NET Core.

The compatibility between Studio projects and a Custom activities package depends on how the package has been developed - based on .NET Core or .NET Framework.

5. Type of deployment



It's applicable only to Solutions and Templates for UiPath Apps.

By default, it's Cloud. You can also select On-Prem deployment.

Upload files



The below two steps are applicable only to Downloadable listings.


According to each listing type, the type of code files that need to be uploaded is different. Please see below to make sure you upload the correct file type:

Listing TypeListing File (available for download in the Marketplace)Source Code (not available for download in the Marketplace)
Custom Activity.nupkg (C#, UiPath Project)
Connector.nupkg package or .zip
Template.nupkg with UiPath with UiPath project
Snippet.xaml file/.zip with UiPath project.xaml file/.zip with UiPath project
Ready-to-go automation.nupkg
UiPath Apps listing.uiappN/A
UiPath Integration Service Connector.nupkg packageN/A


For UiPath Apps listings, the files you need to submit are:

  • UI App file
  • Dependencies in .zip
  • Dependencies code in .zip


For UiPath Integration Service Connector listings, the files you need to submit are:

  • Activity pack in .nupkg
  • Connector file in .json



Please make sure to upload the complete source code for testing purposes only. Marketplace Customers won't be able to download it from Marketplace.

1. Upload Listing File

Please drag & drop your file here or add it using the Plus button.

Limitations to keep in mind
Maximum size100 MB for all listings (except for ML Models)
1GB for ML Models
Maximum upload files1

2. Upload Source Code

Please drag & drop your source code here or add it using the Plus button.

Limitations to keep in mind
Maximum size100 MB
Maximum upload files1

Enquiry email



It’s applicable only to Leads.


Please indicate here the business email address where you would like to receive inquiries from interested Marketplace Customers.

URL hosting the package



It’s applicable only to External Links.


Please indicate here the website page where the code is currently hosted.

Don’t forget to click Next once you’ve added all the necessary information.

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