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To enable the Amazon Rekognition activities, you must first provide the authentication details necessary for a Robot to establish a connection to your AWS account via the Amazon Scope activity.

The Amazon Scope activity has three, required input properties:

The purpose of completing the setup steps is to generate or collect the data required for the input properties above.



If you already have an AWS account and an IAM user with an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key (with Amazon Rekognition permissions), you don't need to complete the setup steps and you may proceed with using the Amazon Rekognition Activities.


Before using the Amazon Rekognition activities, follow the steps below to generate or collect the required input data for the Amazon Scope activity.

  1. Follow the Set Up an AWS Account and Create an IAM User steps in the AWS documentation.
  2. Complete, at a minimum, step 2 (2. Create an access key for the user you created in Create an IAM User) in the Set Up the AWS CLI and AWS SDKs.
    • The other steps show you how to setup the AWS CLI and AWS SDKs. While these are not required for the Amazon Rekognition activities, they can be helpful when testing your automation projects.



The Secret Access Key is only available after you click the Create access key button.

After you click the Create access key button a dialogue box opens. Per the AWS instructions: "Choose Download .csv file to save the access key ID and secret access key to a CSV file on your computer. Store the file in a secure location. You will not have access to the secret access key again after this dialog box closes. After you have downloaded the CSV file, choose Close."

Amazon recommends frequent key rotation, so you can create new keys at anytime if you can't find the Secret Access Key associated with your Access Key ID. If you do create new keys, be sure to update any Amazon Scope activities in your existing projects.

To learn more, see Managing Access Keys for IAM Users in the AWS documentation.

You're done!

Now that you have completed the setup, you can build automation projects that include Amazon Rekognition activities.

Get started

To start building your automation projects, see the Quickstart guides. These guides provide step-by-step instructions to help you create working samples of the different activities so that you can verify the connection to your AWS account and get familiar with the input/output datatypes.

To learn more about the Amazon Rekognition activities, see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

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