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The following table lists the activities that are included in the Amazon Rekognition Activities Package.



Amazon Scope

Establishes an authenticated connection between UiPath and your AWS Account using your IAM credentials.

Add Face

Detects faces in the input image and then adds them to the specified collection. For each face detected, the activity returns an array of the faces that were added to the collection.

Analyze Face

Detects the 100 largest faces in the input image. For each face detected, the activity returns an array of face detail objects.

Compare Faces

Compares the most prominent face in the source input image to each of the 100 largest faces detected in the target input image.

Create Collection

Stores information about detected faces in a server-side container (i.e. collection). You can use the facial information that's stored in a collection to search for known faces in images using the Identify Face activity.

Identify Face

First detects the largest face in your input image, then searches the specified collection for matching faces. The activity compares the features of the input face with the faces in the collection and outputs an array of faces that match your input image.

Detect Labels

Detects instances of real-world objects within an input image, including objects like flower, tree, and table; events like wedding, graduation, and birthday party; and concepts like landscape, evening, and nature.

Detect Text

Detects the words, lines, and text found in the input image.

Safe Search

Detects unsafe content such as explicit nudity and suggestive material within your input image.

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