Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)

Warteschlangenobjekt (Wait Queue Item)


Retrieves an Orchestrator queue item from a specified queue and stores it in a QueueItem variable. This activity is different from the Get Transaction Item activity as, at runtime, in case the specified queue is empty, it sends a message to Orchestrator stating it is ready to receive a queue item and then waits for a new queue item to be added to the specified queue. Once retrieved, the status of the queue item is set to In Progress.



  • DisplayName - The display name of the activity.
  • Timeout (Millisekunden) (Timeout (milliseconds)) - Gibt an, wie lange (in Millisekunden) die Aktivität laufen muss, bevor ein Fehler ausgegeben wird. Der Standardwert ist 30000 Millisekunden (30 Sekunden).