Classic Integrations Activities
Last updated Jun 4, 2024

Release notes

Learn everything you need about the classic Box activity package.


Release Date: 11 September 2023

New Features and Improvements

The Execute Method activity has been added back to the pack.


Release Date: 17 April 2023

The latest Box SDK has been switched to, enabling usage of latest Ciphers suites.

Please be aware that this version no longer supports Execute Method. You can read more here.


Release date: 2 August 2022

What's new

This activity package is now compatible with projects that target a Modern (.NET5 Windows) architecture. For more information about setting the project target, see About Automation Projects.

The activity package now includes token downscoping functionality. This deals with security issues that arise when the application needs to pass the Access Token to an environment which it does not control. For more information about token downscoping, see Downscope a token.

New Features and Improvements

Localization is now available for this activities package in all languages supported by the UiPath Platform.

This version updates UiPath.Telemetry.Client to the latest version 1.5.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the ActiproSoftware.Wpf missing dependency which was causing the download of the automation to a robot on another machine to fail.
  • v1.3.4
  • New Features and Improvements
  • v1.3.3
  • v1.2.2
  • What's new
  • New Features and Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

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