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Last updated Jun 17, 2024

Using Search Records


You are using the Search Records activity and one of the pieces of information you want to retrieve is in a child object.

For example you are searching the Achievement object and want to get the city information, but it is not returned directly.

The reason for this is that the subjectUserIdNav property is a reference to other data.


You will need to use the (Select) and (Expand) fields in the Search Records activity to get the city data as follows:

  1. Set (Select) to "subjectUserIdNav/city"
  2. Set (Expand) to "subjectUserIdNav".
This will tell the oData query to expand the search to the subjectUserIdNav node and then to select city.

When you run the activity, you will then be able to city the city information in the results like below:

Other Information

You can use the or activities as needed if you want to get the city data directly.

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