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Last updated Jun 4, 2024

Fix XAML After Package Update

When upgrading a workflow from Box v1.1.6 to a package version equal or higher to v1.2.2, where the Box.Core SDK is used, any activity that has a Box Object variable breaks as shown below:
docs image

To fix this broken workflow, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the XAML file of the workflow and replace Box.V2 with Box.V2.Core as shown in the following screenshot.
    docs image




  2. Close the XAML file in Studio and open it again to reload the workflow, so that the impacted activities are rendered again.
    docs image
    docs image
  3. Hovering over the errors in the activities yields the following error:
    docs image
  4. This can be solved by adding the following line in the <AssemblyReference> section in the XAML file:
    docs image
    Now close the XAML file and reopen it to render the activity again and cause the error to disappear.
  5. The same error can still persist for any Box Object, like shown below, for any activity:
    docs image
    If you are facing an error message like the one in the screenshot above Type BoxFolder, create a fresh dummy variable of the BoxFolder type in a higher scope to make this error disappear. For every Box type for which this error is shown, a dummy variable should be created in the variable section in the Do scope for the design time errors presented above to be fixed.
    docs image
    And this fixes the error, as can be seen below:
    docs image
  6. Now the workflow can be run in a Legacy project or you can choose to convert it to a Windows project from the pop-up message in the upper part of the window.
    docs image
    There are also other methods of converting Legacy projects to Windows projects, on which you can read more here.
Note: For C# Legacy Projects in Box SDK before Core update the steps described above, replacing BOX.V2 with BOX.V2.Core, solve the design time errors when migrating a workflow from Non Core to Core SDK installations, but throws a runtime error that you can see in the screenshot below. We recommend rebuilding the workflow in Box v1.3.4 in such cases.
docs image

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