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Last updated Jul 17, 2024

Place an Outgoing Call


The purpose of this guide is to help you create a working sample that uses the Amazon Connect Make Voice Call activity.

This working sample enables you to quickly verify the connection to your AWS resources and get familiar with the activity's input/output datatypes.

After completing the steps in this guide, you'll have an automation sequence that does the following:

  1. Establishes a connection to your AWS resources (Amazon Scope).
  2. Place an outgoing phone call (Make a voice call).


Before you begin:

  1. Complete the Amazon Connect Setup steps.


  1. Add an Amazon Connect Scope activity and set the values for the input parameters like in the screenshot below. In the sample workflow above, you can see that I got the values for these parameters from variables. Here is a short description of the activity’s parameters:

    • AccessKeyId (String) - The Access Key ID of the IAM Userl) that you want to authenticate.
    • Secret (String) - The Secret Access Key of the IAM User that you want to connect to the Amazon Connect service.
    • InstanceId (String) - The id of your Amazon Connect instance.
    • Region (Enum) - The AWS Service Endpoint that you want to use for your connection.

  2. Add a Make Voice Call activity which can be used to place a phone call. The parameters of this activity are:

    • From (String) - The Amazon Connect phone number in E.164 format.
    • To (String) - The phone number to call, in E.164 format, e.g. +15558675310.
    • ContactFlowId (String) - The identifier of the contact flow for the outbound call.
    • QueueId (Boolean) - The identifier of the queue to put the outbound call in.

  3. Click Run and verify the call goes through.

A sample of this flow can be found here.

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