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Last updated Jun 17, 2024

About the Alteryx activity package


The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform delivers end-to-end automation of data preparation and blending, analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. With the Alteryx APA Platform you can automate processes, embed intelligent decisioning, and power your people to deliver faster, better business outcomes.

Alteryx offers a suite of products that comprise the Alteryx APA Platform:

  1. Alteryx Designer: Automate your analytic processes with a human-centered, self-service analytics user experience. Easily combine every data source with hundreds of ready-to-use automation building blocks and breeze through all the routine data prep to spend time discovering actionable insights through data science using built-in predictive, prescriptive, and location analytics.
  2. Alteryx Server: Accelerate your time to analytical insight and empower analysts with a scalable platform to deploy and share analytics, you and your team can easily collaborate on business-critical decisions.
  3. Alteryx Intelligence Suite: Augment the analytic processes you can automate with guided machine learning, including code-free predictive modeling and text mining.
  4. Alteryx Connect: Combine the power of data cataloging with human insight and empower analysts to quickly and easily find, manage, understand, and collaborate on the information that resides in your organization.

The Alteryx activities enable you to automate interactions with your Alteryx application. Using the Alteryx API, this activities package gives your UiPath robot(s) the ability to execute functions and actions, upload and download attachments, and manage your records (get, update, insert, and delete).

If you're ready to start using the Alteryx activities, see the Get Started section below. To learn more about the package, keep reading to see How it works and the Technical References. Or, book a live demo or discovery session of APA and RPA in action.

Note: Please refer to the Product lifecycle page for UiPath Studio version compatibility and support.

How it works

To enable the outbound automation between UiPath and Alteryx, the activities establish an authenticated connection to a Box custom application using the Alteryx Scope activity.

After the connection is established, the other Alteryx activities send requests to the applicable Alteryx API operations using the parameters you enter in the activities' input properties (via the properties panel and/or Object Wizard. If the requests are successful, the activities return the response values to the output property variables.

How does it connect?

This is where we need your help.

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, you must complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After you complete the Setup steps, you can begin building your automation projects

Technical References

The Technical References page includes a complete list of and the links to the Alteryx API operations used by each activity.

You don't need to be familiar with the Alteryx API operations to use the activities; the references are for informational purposes only.

Important: The Alteryx Activity Pack is only compatible with Alteryx Server 2019.4 or later.

Get Started

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide.

To learn more about the Alteryx activities (including example property inputs/outputs), see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

  • Overview
  • How it works
  • Technical References
  • Get Started

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