Die Anleitung zu UiPath-Aktivitäten (The UiPath Activities Guide)

Run Parallel Process


Executes a UiPath process that is available for the local machine. Can be used to run local packages, as well as processes in Orchestrator, if a connection is available.

The Run Parallel Process activity runs in Asynchronous mode, meaning that the parent process is only responsible for starting the child ones. After that happens, both processes run independently from each other.

Logs generated for the execution of the parent and child processes are written individually in the local log files and Orchestrator. They both contain complete information about each execution.

When using the Run Parallel Process activity, a separate job is created for each process, as opposed to the Invoke Process activity which creates only one job.

If a child process is invoked but not found, an error is logged containing the name of the child process, the path where Robot searched for it and additional details such as WindowsIdentity and machineName. When this happens, an exception is thrown and additional details are being logged.

If an error occurs in the child process after it has been invoked, the parent is not aware of it and continues its normal execution.



The Run Parallel Pro