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To successfully establish a connection and send requests to the Alteryx API, the Alteryx Scope activity must complete authentication to a Custom App using the supported authentication.

To give the *Alteryx Scope activity the ability to authenticate and to enable the other activities to successfully send requests to the Alteryx API, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Keys tab on your profile settings in Alteryx
  2. Obtain the Private Studio API (Key*) and (Secret)
  3. You may also need to obtain the API location if it is different from the default location of http://localhost/cloud/api/v1

You're done!

Now that you have completed the setup, you can start adding the Alteryx activities to your project.

Next steps

To learn more about the Alteryx activities (including example property inputs/outputs), see the Activities page for a complete activity list and links to the activity detail pages.

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