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Last updated 25 de jun de 2024

Marketplace Monetization

1. What is Marketplace monetization?

  • Marketplace monetization is UiPath’s initiative aimed to help Marketplace Partners unlock new revenue opportunities and expand their reach through UiPath Marketplace and to enable Marketplace customers with more high-quality, supported RPA content for their automations.

2. What are the benefits of monetizing on UiPath Marketplace?

  • By monetizing content on UiPath Marketplace, you:

    • unlock new revenue opportunities (operations-free with simplified procurement)
    • gain global delivery by reaching markets where you are not physically present
    • tackle customer individual requirements thanks to our built-in quote engine
    • receive ongoing guidance & support from the UiPath​ Marketplace team
    • become part of the ongoing UiPath Marketplace communications and presence toward UiPath customers

3. Who is eligible for monetizing on UiPath Marketplace?

  • Monetization is open to all contributor types that have an entity registered in their country of residence* to receive payments and issue bills.

    Note: Please check the list of supported countries by Stripe (our payment processor) below on this page.

4. What types of content can be monetized?

  • Custom Activity - a .NET library that one can install and drag and drop into their workflow in UiPath Studio, with the source code in C#. This type of content is hosted on the Marketplace and can be downloaded by customers straight from the platform.
  • Business Solution - a modern enterprise application built on the UiPath Platform with code, automations, data, tests, APIs, versioning and configuration.​ This type of content is sold on the Marketplace and shipped by the vendor to the customer after the transaction is successful.
  • Professional Services - development, consultancy, support and training services from selected UiPath Business Partners.

5. What are the criteria for a listing to be monetized?

  • For both Custom Activities and Business Solutions:

  • For Professional Services:

    • offered by a partner whose entity is registered in one of these countries
    • submitted by a USN partner and/or at least a Silver Business Partner

Note: For Custom Activities:
  • The supported runtime for Custom Activities is .NET Framework 4.6.1 and the code language is Visual Basic.
  • The licensing SDK library needs to be embedded in the code prior to publishing. The library is provided by the Marketplace team after the content review is successfully passed. Please read more here.
  • The activities will be visible in the Marketplace Studio feed for all users. The license will not be available for the users that did not purchase it from the Marketplace.

The onus of licensing implementation for .NET 6 or Windows compatible custom activities lies with the vendor. Marketplace dosen't provide .NET6 compatible licensing library. It provides Windows-Legacy compatible licensing library.

Note: For Business Solutions:
  • Business Solutions are listed and available for purchase (through direct payment or a quote request) on the Marketplace. However, their shipment happens from a vendor directly to the customer outside the Marketplace platform.
  • You as a vendor need to specify the instructions on how the customer will receive the Business Solution and its assets in the fulfillment message in the upload form when submitting your listing. Customers receive this message once the purchase is completed.

6. Will the current free content remain on UiPath Marketplace? Can I still publish it?

  • Yes, the current free content will not be removed from the Marketplace. You can still submit it. For that, please make sure your content meets our Quality Standards. Follow Publishing Guidelines when submitting your listing.

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