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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated 2024年5月27日

Managing Your Licenses

For Orchestrator services residing in Automation CloudTM, license management is performed in Cloud Portal. There are, however, several license management operations that can be performed in Orchestrator.

Displaying License Details

Click Tenant > License. The License page is displayed. Click the corresponding See More button for the desired license type.

Viewing Robots

It is possible to see all the Robots defined on a given machine for Unattended, NonProduction, Testing licenses, or with a specific user for Attended and Citizen Developer licenses. To display this information, perform the following steps:

  1. On the License page, click See More for the type of license that interests you. The corresponding page is displayed.
  2. Click the More Actions button next to a user or machine and select View Robots. The Robots page is displayed, filtered to display only the Robots that have the indicated user or machine.

Enabling/Disabling a Machine

Only available for Unattended and NonProduction-purposed machines. Disable a machine to prevent instant license consumption. Enable a disabled machine in order to be able to use Studio and/or the Robot. More details here.

  1. In the License page, click See More for the type of license that interests you (Unattended or NonProduction). The corresponding page is displayed.
  2. Turn off the toggle in the Active column. A dialog is displayed asking for confirmation on disabling the machine.
  3. Click Yes. The machine is disabled.
  4. Turn on the toggle to enable the machine.

Keep in mind that you cannot disable a machine as long as Robots on that machine are still running.

  • Displaying License Details
  • Viewing Robots
  • Enabling/Disabling a Machine

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