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Automation Hub User Guide
Last updated 23. Mai 2024

Sign up Process

To access your company's Automation Hub tenant the below steps need to be completed:

  1. An account needs to be created for you in the company's Automation Hub tenant.

    This can be done by the Program Manager or by the System Admin by accessing Admin Console > Manage Users > People.

    Note: The above step is applicable to all the platform users except the Account Owner as their account is created together with the tenant.
  2. You receive an invitation email that contains the following information:

    • your assigned permission;
    • a unique sign-up URL;
    • recommendations that help you enhance your experience with the platform.

    Note: The invitation email can be resent by the System Admin or Program Manager from the Admin Console > Manage Users > People section.
  3. Click the here hyperlink.
  4. The Automation Hub home page is displayed. Click Sign in.

  5. The login form is displayed. Choose the preferred sign up method.

    • Continue with Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn account; choose one of these three options to use existing information from your Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn account to sign into UiPath Automation Hub.
    • Click Sign Up; choose this option to use your email address.

The following steps differ, depending on the sign-up method selected:

Continue With Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn Account

  1. Select the preferred platform.
  2. Choose the account you want to use.

  3. The sign-up process is completed and you are prompted to the Explore page from Automation Hub.

The video tutorial presenting the above process can be accessed here.

Sign up With Email

  1. Click Sign up.

    Note: The Forgot password option does not work at this stage as your account is not yet completely configured.
  2. Click Sign up with Email.

    Note: You can still choose to Sign Up with Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn account and follow the steps from the Sign up ProcessContinue with Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn account section mentioned above.
  3. Enter the required information in the displayed form.

    • Type in the email address used for the invitation email.
    • Automation Hub offers, via Auth0, a formal password policy that enforces a minimum of 8 characters, special characters, and 90-day password age.
  4. Click Sign Up.

  5. Check your inbox for an email from UiPath with the subject: Verify your email

    If the email is not in your inbox check your spam folder as well. If you find it here, mark the email as Not Spam.

  6. Click Verify Email.


    If the email address is not verified the following pop-up message is displayed preventing you from accessing the account. You have the following options:

    • OK: click it to close the pop-up message.
    • Resend Email: click it to resend the email containing the verification link.

The video tutorial presenting the above process can be accessed here.

Reset Password

  • The password reset process is available only if you completed the account registration process as described above.
  • The Forgot password option is not applicable for users who registered through SSO.

If you signed up using your email address follow the below steps:

  1. Access your tenant page and click Sign in.

  2. The Log In form is displayed. Click Forgot password.

  3. The Reset your password page is displayed. Enter your Email address and click Reset Password.

  4. Check your inbox for an email from uiPath with the subject Reset your password. Access it and click the Reset Password button.

  5. The Set New Password page is displayed. Enter a new password, confirm it, and click Reset Password.

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