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Last updated 23. Mai 2024

September 2021

29 September 2021

What's New

  • Automation Hub - Studio integration: connect an automation idea with the project in Studio to enable traceability and continuity:

    • In Studio, you can link any project to an existing idea in Automation Hub .
    • In Automation Hub, for any idea that is in the Development phase and has the Not Started status, you can select to start development in Studio.

      Note that Studio must be connected through interactive sign-in to an Orchestrator tenant where the Automation Hub service is enabled. See Linking a Project to an Idea in Automation Hub for more details.

  • Automation Hub - Assistant integration: enables employees to instantly access automations from the internal Automation Store directly from their Assistant. No need to switch between different tools to find automations. See Automation Store Widget for more details.

20 September 2021

What's New

  • Open API: Introducing the Update Idea Category call which allows you to change the category of a specific Idea via the API.


  • Open API: Get Automations API Call is now enriched with Tags info and data from the Citizen Development Automation Profile.
  • Automation Profile: Idea Score is now always displayed on the profile page, no matter the phase and status of the idea.
  • Share a CoE-driven idea: Auto-generated ID field is now hidden from the submit form.
  • Workspace: The dynamic responsiveness of the header navigation was improved, such that the menu is still displayed when zooming in.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments: A confirmation pop-up is now displayed after selecting to delete a question from the high level assessment form.
  • View My Profile > Edit mode: A button has been added that allows you to remove the current wallpaper and go back to the default one.
  • Emails: the email sent to Idea Approvers is enriched with the Description of the idea.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console: Logos added from Automation Cloud - Organization Settings were not shown on the Automation Hub header.
  • Automation Profile: The idea submitter could not be changed.
  • Automation Profile: Development type could not be changed for an idea or automation with development type: CoE.
  • Share a CoE-driven idea: Development type was automatically set to CoE when the idea was submitted.
  • Automation Profile: Users without permission to edit the documentation section could modify Task Capture files.
  • Automation Profile: Media file deletion was not applied to the correct selection.
  • Automation Profile: Text was overflowing tables borders when in a View mode if the first question from the High Level assessment was too long.
  • Automation Profile: A new application without a version number could have been added to the Application Used when editing a CoE idea.
  • Automation Pipeline: The filter for Collaborators was not working.
  • Admin Console > Import Pipeline: Uploading a CSV file with incomplete answers to the first question, created invalid options for the respective dropdown cells.
  • Explore > Automation Program: Filter and Status were not properly localized when using Automation Hub in Japanese.
  • Automation Profile: Auto Generated ID was not properly localized when using Automation Hub in Japanese.
  • Open API: Get Questionnaire API call was returning deleted questions from the High Level assessments.
  • Open API: Process mining ideas created via the Open API were missing Post Automation Results section when set to Live - in Production.
  • Open API: POST CoE idea API call was returning an error when the "decision_complexity" parameter was set to "decision-complexity-greater-eight".
  • 29 September 2021
  • What's New
  • 20 September 2021
  • What's New
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs

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