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Last updated 23. Mai 2024

November 2020

23 November 2020

Build number: 2020.11.1


  • To achieve our goal and deliver a consistent experience throughout all the UiPath product suite a redesign initiative is ongoing for the Automation Hub platform. In order to make the platform's display consistent with other services, several design changes will be made in the following months. Below you can find a list of the most important improvements included in this release:

    • The design of the platform logo is now slightly changed.
    • The Submit button is renamed to Share.
  • The Automations table available on My Submissions page and all the views under the Automation Pipeline page available under the Workspace view are enhanced with a filter added to the Published column.
  • The Summary of All Costs table available in the edit mode of the Cost Benefit Analysis page includes now an additional row with the costs of the activity remaining to be performed by humans after an automation is live.
  • Dashboards > Automation Program Performance: the columns from the Pipeline Evolution chart are updated in order to take into account the Launch Date field if the information was updated on the Cost Benefit Analysis page. All the automation ideas in Phase Live and any of the following statuses: In Production, Ready for Production, and Hypercare are displayed using the corresponding month/quarter column as per the month existing in the Actual&New Estimate Launch Date field from the Cost Benefit Analysis page.
  • A Thank you message is displayed when clicking the Interested option available for Automations.
  • The Not Set option is added to the Priority field available in the Automation Profile page > About section in edit mode. This enables users to clear or set back to default already entered values from the Priority field.
  • A separate column displaying the permissions corresponding to the Citizen Developer Automation flow is now available when accessing Admin Console > Manage Users > User Roles > Roles view.

Fixed Bugs

  • Dashboards> Planning and Cost reports: sorting by launch date was not taking into consideration the dates that were updated.
  • Dashboards > Cost Report: when applying search criteria the 500 error was displayed.
  • Automation Idea > Create New Process Document with Task Capture: when clicking click open the app option from page view the error message Unable to open Task Capture is displayed even if Task Capture was already installed and its version was 2020.4 or higher.
  • Automation Profile page > Collaborator page > Manage Roles and Permissions page: a collaborator could have been added without assigning any collaborator roles.
  • My Tasks: tasks that are meant for Ideas had the Automation referenced in the Title column.
  • Open API > Submit CoE or Employee-driven ideas: the 400 error was displayed even if the call body was correctly made.
  • Workspace > My Submissions > Ideas and Automations tab: when filters were applied the item count was not updated to reflect the displayed items.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline > Decision Pipeline: when filters were applied the item count was not updated to reflect the displayed items.
  • Users were not able to approve an automation immediately after the Process Owner is assigned through the Quick View screen. Only after the page was reloaded the approve option was available.

10 November 2020

Build number: 2020.10.2


  • The information available in the Workspace > Automation Pipeline’s 5 views (All, Review, Decision Pipeline, Implementation, and Live) can now be accessed by the users based on their account assigned permissions. For more details please check the Automation Pipeline page from our User Guide.
  • The footer of the emails sent by the Automation Hub platform is redesigned and contains an Unsubscribe link.

Fixed Bugs

  • When accessing the FAQ > Citizen Developer section > Where can I find more information about the Citizen Developer framework? question: the link referenced for the Citizen Developer Framework page was incorrect.
  • Admin Console > Manage Users > People > Upload CSV: if a CSV file containing the slug

    "[["ah-standard-user",0]]" defining a user role was uploaded the user's role was marked as undefined.

  • Explore > People > User card: the number displayed under the Collaborations section was not updated for Citizen Development Power users when they selected to start the development for an automation.
  • User Profile page: the number displayed under the Automations tab counter was increased by 2 if the user submitted a Citizen Developed Automation.
  • User Profile page: the number displayed under the Automations tab counter was increased by 2 if the user was both the Submitter and the Process Owner of an idea.
  • User Profile page: the number displayed under the Automations tab counter was increased by one if the user clicked the Request button of a Citizen Development Automation Profile.
  • Automation Profile page > Edit view > Date Submitted field and Cost Benefit Analysis area: when updating a date using the calendar picker the new date was not saved.
  • If the selected language was French, in Dashboards > Automation Program Performance > 2020 Pipeline Evolution chart the name tag was missing for the months of September and February.
  • 23 November 2020
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs
  • 10 November 2020
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs

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