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Last updated 11. Juni 2024

August 2023

22 August 2023


Admin console > Manage access > Roles: Update the Phase and Status of the idea or automation during implementation permission was renamed to Update the Phase and Status of the idea or automation and it's available to all users.

A Project Manager can now update the phase and status of an idea or automation during any phase, not only during the four implementation phases.

Fixed bugs

Automation Profile > Edit mode: Execution assessment was not visible even if the automation idea was in Live phase.

Automation Profile: While trying to add a Change request from an Idea, Submit and Save as draft buttons were missing in the final step of submission.

Automation Profile: An error message was displayed to the Process Owner, when transitioning an idea from Awaiting Review to In Progress.

Explore > Automation Program: Submitter's Business Unit filter was not displaying results properly. This was an isolated issue that affected only certain costumers with a very specific setup.

Admin console > Manage access > Assign roles: Upload CSV button was also hidden for users that did not have Azure Active Directory or Security Assertion Markup Language Single sign-on setup on Automation Cloud.

Insights Automation ROI comparison: Automation ROI Comparison dashboard was not showing any values even though a process was linked in Automation Hub with the process in Orchestrator.

4 August 2023


  • Admin console > Manage access > Assign roles: If Active Directory is enabled, the Status: Send Email toggle is no longer present when adding a user from the Add User dialog.

Fixed bugs

  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: In Quick view, the Orchestrator package attached to an automation was displayed on a different background.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: If Hide from Automation Pipeline is unchecked from Process Owner Question within the Detailed Assessment from the Customize Assessment, numbers were displayed instead of names in the Process Owner column in Automation Pipeline.
  • Manage Access > Assign Roles: Guest users that were added in the Administrators group from Automation Cloud could not log in to Automation Hub.
  • Admin console > Platform setup > Cost setup: Users with Set up the Cost Catalog permission assigned could not access Running Costs-RPA Software Costs in edit mode.
  • E-mail notification: In the rejection email notification received by the submitter after their idea was rejected, the link to resubmit the idea was invalid.
  • Open API: Development type returned as development-type-none instead of null if there was No Development type selected.
  • 22 August 2023
  • Improvements
  • Fixed bugs
  • 4 August 2023
  • Improvements
  • Fixed bugs

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