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Last updated 23. Mai 2024

February 2022

23 February 2022


  • Besides Active users, we now include users with status Pending in all places where a collaborator can be selected as in:

    • Process Owner people picker in the Submit Idea forms
    • Adding/removing collaborators (in the automation profile page and quick view)
    • Import Pipeline submitter and process owner selection
    • POST Collaborators calls
  • Customize Detailed Assessment: Pre-fill answers option is now available for Multiple Choice questions.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Visual and usability improvements. Also, Actioncolumn is now available as menu in the Automation Name column.

  • The updated UiPath Automation Hub logo is available in emails received by users.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > Manage Access > Roles: Creating a new role and switching to the Collaborator Roles tab, without using the Sync Changes option first, caused the role to appear in the Collaborator Roles category.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline > Automation Type column: Attended or Unattended types of automations were displayed as N/A in the downloaded CSV file.

3 February 2022

What's New

  • Customize Detailed Assessment: Archive assessment version is now available. With the help of this feature, you can archive an assessment version that's obsolete and is no longer linked to an idea. Once a version is archived, the version is kept in the Version history page, marked as Archived, at the bottom of the version history, and won't be visible in the list of versions available in each automation profile for users with permissions to change the assessment version.

We are constantly working to improve your UiPath Automation Hub experience. So we also made sure to bring minor bug fixes to our product.

  • 23 February 2022
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs
  • 3 February 2022
  • What's New

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