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Last updated 23. Mai 2024

December 2022

13 December 2022

What's New

  • A new History is available in each automation idea profile. This shows who, when, and what changes were made during the lifecycle of the idea. Only changes made to automation ideas starting with this release are visible in the History tab.


  • Automation Profile Page > Edit mode > Execution Assessment:Orchestrator Package Picker question used is now improved to support Folders,Personal Workspaces on top of the existing Tenant level packages.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments:Default Execution Assessment is now updated to include a way to input the Final yearly volume per package, that overrides the reference value that's calculated for the idea.

Open API:

  • Changed Swagger description for POST Add Users and POST AutomationPhaseStatusUpdate.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > Manage Components: Pagination icons were missing when having multiple components pages.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Jira Integration: A space was missing between applications listed in the Detail > Application section in the Jira ticket created using Jira Integration.
  • Automation Profile: A user couldn't be tagged if there was text in a Questions/Comments box while editing an automation idea.
  • Automation Profile: Rich text added in the Questions / Comments section while tagging a user, wasn't displayed properly in the email received by the tagged user.
  • Automation Profile: Adding a comma in numerical fields caused issues for Unit currency in Automation Profile - view mode, and for values from Automation Pipeline.
  • Automation Profile: When editing an automation idea with the Similar automations question name edited in Misc Assessment, the popup subject of Add Automation was still Add Similar Automation instead of the new name.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: The development type of some automations was shown as an incorrect value.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Automations from Automation Pipeline had the Approve button available, even if it shouldn't have been available for that specific phase and status.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Removing all similar automations from an automation in edit mode didn't change the Number of Similar Automations column in Automation Pipeline.
  • Dashboard > Cost Report: The RPA Software Vendor Used filter wasn't working correctly.
  • Insights Integration: In certain rare cases Numerical Questions/KPI data was duplicated when imported into Insights that lead to artificially increase the benefits of an idea. Note: Data in Automation Hub was not affected by this issues only Insights data.

When Can I See These Changes?

The date when a change is first announced in the release notes is the date when it first becomes available.

If you don't see the change yet, you can expect to see it soon after we roll out changes to all the regions.

  • 13 December 2022
  • What's New
  • Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs
  • When Can I See These Changes?

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