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Automation Suite on Linux Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Guidelines on backing up and restoring an Active/Passive deployment


For detailed instructions on how to backup and restore Automation Suite, see Backing up and restoring the cluster.

Backing up the cluster

  • You must back up only the primary cluster and external storage (SQL and Objectstore).

  • It is not mandatory to take a backup of the secondary cluster. Instead, you can choose to take a backup of the secondary. However, you can still use the primary cluster to set up the secondary cluster.

Restoring the primary cluster

  • If the primary cluster goes down, you must use the backup to restore it.

  • If you applied a new configuration on the secondary cluster while the primary cluster is down, then at the time of the restore, you can reuse the cluster_config.json file of the secondary cluster and update the critical parameter, which is very specific to the primary cluster, and then you can restore the cluster.

Restoring the secondary cluster

  • If the secondary cluster’s backup is unavailable, you can restore it from the primary cluster by taking the following steps:

    1. Generate the cluster_config.json from the primary cluster.
    2. Update the cluster_config.json with the specific value of the secondary cluster.
    3. Install the secondary cluster.

  • If the backup for the secondary cluster is available, you can restore the secondary cluster from the backup.

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