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Last updated Jun 20, 2024

FAQ - Deprecating the testing module

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides answers regarding the deprecation of Orchestrator's Testing module and its implications.

Visit the Deprecation timeline to check the chronological details of this change.

What does "feature parity" mean?

Feature parity refers to mirroring the capabilities of Orchestrator's Testing module in Test Manager, making the transition seamless. Moreover, no additional features will be added to the Testing tab. Our deprecation timeline indicates that Orchestrator and Test Manager will achieve feature parity by October 2024.

What immediate changes are needed?

Until Test Manager equals the functionality of Orchestrator's Testing tab in October 2024, no immediate changes are needed. After that date, you need to move your test artefacts to Test Manager.

How should future testing work be strategized?

While your existing testing artifacts remain unaffected until October 2024, we encourage you to create new testing artifacts in Test Manager to minimize future migration work after October 2024.

How does this deprecation affect testing work?

Automated executions will continue to run via Orchestrator. The only difference is that test cases, test sets, and results will be managed in Test Manager.

Can I migrate testing objects from Orchestrator to Test Manager?

Starting with October 2024, you can migrate specific testing objects from Orchestrator to Test Manager.

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