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Last updated Nov 30, 2023

About Resource Catalog Service

What It Is

Resource Catalog is a tenant-level service used to aggregate resources, serving as the foundation for tags that categorize said resources.

It is very useful in helping you keep track of the relationship and dependencies between various resources across UiPath services, making them easily manageable in ever expanding automations.

Tags stored by the Resource Catalog Service can be created for Orchestrator assets, processes, queues, storage buckets, and machines, for Studio packages, and for Action Center actions.

What It Does

This centralized solution allows you to:

  • cross-reference resources between services - for example, if you add a tag to an asset in Orchestrator, that tag becomes available for actions as well.
  • group resources by business case - for example, you can add the same tag to all objects that will be used in an automation, such as a machine template, a process, a queue, and various assets.
  • filter and find all objects with the same tag - if, for example, you want to see all objects pertaining to a certain automation, you can simply search, at the tenant level, for the tag corresponding to that automation, and the relevant objects will be displayed.
  • What It Is
  • What It Does
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