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Last updated Nov 30, 2023

Robot Statuses

Licensing Statuses

Only displayed for attended robots. Displayed in front of the license type in the Type column. The following options are available:

  • Green icon - licensed. Hovering over the icon displays the exact time and date the license was acquired.
  • Red icon - unlicensed

If the UiPath Robot service is stopped, nothing is displayed.

Connection Statuses

The connection status is the last known status of UiPath Robot as communicated through the most recent heartbeat. Hovering over this field displays the date and time of the last heartbeat. A robot is displayed as connected only if the UiPath Robot tray or Studio is open on the host machine.

Only applicable to attended robots, or unattended robots used in attended mode. Unattended runtimes and machines can be monitored at the folder level (Monitoring > Machines). The connection status is displayed on the Status column. The corresponding icon is displayed in front of the username in the User column. The following options are available:

  • Available - UiPath Robot is not running a process and is free to be used.
  • Busy - UiPath Robot is running a process. You cannot edit the username, machine and license type of a busy robot.
  • Unresponsive - UiPath Robot and Orchestrator have not communicated in the last two minutes.
  • Disconnected - the UiPath Robot service is not running.

    Note: Robot start commands are received through SignalR or requested on a heartbeat. The username and password UiPath Robot uses for authentication purposes are transmitted only on heartbeats, thus enabling it to log in and execute an indicated process.
  • Licensing Statuses
  • Connection Statuses
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