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Last updated Jul 22, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the machine images that I created be automatically updated with the latest Windows version and updates?

No. If you want to have the latest Windows version and updates, you need to rebuild your image in the cloud services provider (CSP).

When are UiPath Robot updates applied?

We take care to update your VMs to use the latest version of UiPath Robot within approximately 2 weeks of a new version becoming available.

The update happens:

  • when a machine needing an update first starts
  • before a machine that was running jobs shuts down
  • for machines that are in constant use and are not able to receive the update for 2 weeks since the update was available, we schedule a short maintenance window on the machine to apply the update.

How can I enable browser extensions on my machine?

Install the UiPath remote runtime on the ERO template.

During the installation:

Select the desired browser extension, such as Chrome Extension. The extension must be installed under the same user who executes the jobs. To ensure the proper functioning of the extension, open it after the installation completes.

The latest UiPath remote runtime version is available on the Product Downloads page of the Customer Portal.


Open Studio Desktop, go to Home > Tools > UiPath Extensions, and click Install for the desired browser. Only supported browsers are displayed in the list.

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