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Last updated Nov 28, 2023

Credential Stores

A credential store is a named location within a secure store, such as CyberArk, from which you can store and retrieve sensitive data such as Robot credentials and credential assets when needed. Orchestrator supports the use of multiple credential stores at tenant level, and provides built-in support for Azure Key Vault, CyberArk CCP, HashiCorp Vault, Thycotic Secret Server, BeyondTrust, and AWS Secrets Manager. It also provides the necessary architecture to add and manage third party secure stores, if desired.

The Credentials page is split in two views: Stores and Proxies.

  • The Stores page allows you to create new stores, view existing stores and their properties, and delete any current credential store. Note that the native Orchestrator Database store is automatically created, will always appear first in this list and be the Default store for all new tenants.
  • The Proxies page allows you to create new proxies for your own custom credential stores, view a list of existing proxies, edit, and remove them.

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