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Last updated Jul 22, 2024

Reusing Customized Machine Images (for Manual pools)

If you have a machine that you have customized according to your automation needs and you want to reuse it, you can create an image of the customized machine. This creates a disk capture that is available to use in a new Cloud Robots - VM template as a customized machine.


Since VMs in automatic pools are automatically deleted, you cannot create custom images of these types of machines.

To create an image of a customized machine:

  1. Go to Tenant > Machines.
  2. At the right of the pool row, click More Actions and select Add or Manage VMs.
  3. On the Manage Cloud Robot - VM page, check that the Machine Status column shows Stopped for the machine.

    If the machine is running, select it, and then click the Stop VMs button at the top of the VM grid. Wait until the status changes to Stopped.

  4. Check that the Accept Jobs column shows Disabled for the machine.

    If enabled, select the machine, and then click the Disable Jobs button at the top of the VM grid. Wait until the status changes to Disabled.

  5. At the right of the machine row, click More Actions and select Capture Image.

    Note: You can create up to 20 custom images. If you cannot create a new one, consider deleting custom images to allow for creating new ones.

    The Capture machine as base image dialog opens:

  6. Fill in the Image Name field and, optionally, also fill in the Description field.
  7. Optionally fill in the Implicit Username field with the user name you want VMs to use by default.

    If you leave the Implicit Username field blank, the username uirobot is used.

  8. Click Create.
  9. Restart the machine and then re-enable accept jobs for the machine if you want it to be available for new or running jobs in the same pool.

After the custom image is created, you can use it as the base image for a Cloud Robot - VM machine template by selecting Customized for the Machine Image during the new template creation.

Managing Custom Images

You can have up to 20 custom images of cloud robot machines.

If you can no longer create new ones, consider deleting some of your unused images as described below.

To view and manage your customized machine images for Cloud Robot - VM:

  1. Go to Tenant > Settings and select the Cloud Robot Images tab:

    All your existing images are listed on the page.

  2. At the right of the image row, click More Actions and select:

    • Edit Image to change the name or description of the image.
    • Delete Image if you want to remove the image so that it is no longer available for use.
  • Managing Custom Images

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