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Last updated Jul 22, 2024

Elastic Robot Orchestration


Elastic robot orchestration provides a way to automatically scale your unattended robots by allowing UiPath to scale and manage your robots for you, in the cloud. We manage them on your behalf, but they are still in your cloud, and you can choose how much of the robot orchestration process you want to delegate to us.

You can customize the auto-scaling strategy of robots through controls such as:

  • setting a maximum number of machines you want to allow us to create
  • choosing to optimize for speed, for cost, or choosing a balanced model
  • scheduling different settings for certain periods when, by exception, you need more or less speed.

Supported cloud providers

You can use one of the following cloud service providers to host your virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud for elastic robot orchestration:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure

Machine provisioning options

You can:

  • Create a generalized virtual machine image that we use as a template to create machines on demand whenever a robot needs to run a job. You can set the limits for how many and when we create these machines and then leave it to us to get the job done.
  • Add your custom virtual machines to use when robots are needed to run processes.

Here is a summary of the differences between the two options:


Manually Create Machines

Automatically Create Machines

Create and delete machines

you create and delete the machines yourself

we can automatically create new machines when needed for better performance and delete any machines not in use

Machine scaling

limited to the number of machines provided

we create as many machines as needed to optimally handle the workload, within parameters you set

Virtual machine setup

set up multiple individual VMs

set up a single VM image

Install and set up UiPath Robot on each machine



Connect to Orchestrator



Run jobs



Start and stop VMs



VM customization

customize the VMs you use (domain-joined, machine size, machine name, network options, and more)

VM image must be configured as recommended on this page for each type of cloud provider.

Sample configuration

The setup process in Orchestrator is similar for both cloud service providers. The main differences are in how you set up each provider and create the virtual machines.

Here is an overview of the process when using Microsoft Azure as the cloud services provider and a generalized virtual machine:

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