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About the integration

The Automation Hub and Insights Cloud integration allows you to:

  • Get started quickly with a set of pre-built dashboards, ready to be customized as you see fit.
  • Keep stakeholders and sponsors informed on your automation program performance with consistent and schedulable reports.
  • Track your automation opportunities pipeline and take action quickly.
  • Encourage the growth of the automation program by understanding who and where employees are contributing.


  • Automation Center Of Excellence (COE) leads who manage large automation backlogs in Automation Hub.
  • Automation sponsors who want to have an integrated view on their end-to-end automations programs.
  • Business leaders who want to measure the impact of their automation programs.

Key features

With this integration, your dashboard templates will come prepared to help you:​

  • Get started quickly and build robust dashboards for day-to-day management and easier reporting to your stakeholders​.
  • View team engagement - by each user see their number of submissions, collaborations, and followed projects​.
  • Business Unit breakdown - track where and how your automations are impacting your business.

How it works

A job periodically extracts data from the Automation Hub database. Pre-defined Automation Hub data from each Tenant's Database is uploaded by a series of hourly compute jobs to the appropriate regional multi-tenant Insights data store.

The data store has two parts: an Ingestion store that contains an exact replica of the data in Automation Hub Tenant Database, and a Read store, that contains a clean and aggregated data set, closer to what a report needs. Data is moved between these two stores by recurring tasks.

The Insights dashboards query the Read data store in the appropriate region.


Supported Regions

Currently, the Automation Hub - Insights integration is supported only when using both services an Automation Cloud tenant hosted in Europe (European Union), United States, Japan or Australia. We will make this integration available for Canada and Singapore regions later during 2022.

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